The Masterpiece

The Masterpiece
Title: The Masterpiece
Published: 2/6/2018
Page Count: 512
ISBN: 1496407903
New York Times bestselling author Francine Rivers returns to her romance roots with this unexpected and redemptive love story, a probing tale that reminds us that mercy can shape even the most broken among us into an imperfect yet stunning masterpiece. A successful LA artist, Roman Velasco appears to have everything he could possibly want―money, women, fame. Only Grace Moore, his reluctant, newly hired personal assistant, knows how little he truly has. The demons of…

By now you know that Luchae from My Spreadsheet Brain and I were inspired to collaborate by our enthusiasm to share Francine Rivers novels, so asked to work with CUM Books who very kindly agreed to sponsor 2 awesome hampers to giveaway! I have already reviewed and previewed Redeeming Love and Bridge to Haven (click to read them and don't forget to enter for more chances to win!) which will both be included in the hamper, along with Francine Rivers' newest book, The Masterpiece.


I haven't yet completed reading this book, but wanted to offer a preview so that you knew what you could look forward to and it gives you a third chance to enter to win one of our hampers!


Francine Rivers has returned to her romantic roots in her latest book, The Masterpiece, which follows two main characters named Roman and Grace. Roman is an artist with a troubled past who uses anger as a weapon and builds walls to make sure he doesn't get hurt again, while Grace is a struggling single mom who tries hard to please others even if that results in harming herself.

In the beginning, you might think that this is a simple girl meets boy story, but just like Redeeming Love surprised me, you soon find that there is so much more to this story! Francine Rivers does an incredible job of giving all her characters great depth by focusing on their individual struggles and the role God plays in their lives. Francine Rivers is great at adding mystery to each of her stories, in a way that encourages you to keep turning the pages, often leading me to put everything off until after I finish the book (I have had to put a strict rule on myself to get work done before I can read anymore, as I just wasn't getting anything done!).


It is worth mentioning that a lot of people have mentioned that this particular book felt well-researched, as it covers sensitive topics like childhood trauma, drug use, single motherhood, as well as exploring what the life of a graffiti artist is like.


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