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Being in the industry of digital marketing, I am always intrigued and interested to see how brands manage their own marketing strategies, which inspired me to start a new series on my blog sharing the beauty of marketing – a look at the marketing strategies of some of the most well-known beauty brands, inspired by my own career and love for beauty.

The thought of launching a new cosmetics brand in an already oversaturated market might seem daunting, but Nomfundo the founder of CHICK. Cosmetics makes it look effortless with her forward-thinking approach and deep understanding of WHO her audience is.

Reigning from Johannesburg, CHICK. Cosmetics is a proudly South African brand that aims to do things differently, by breaking all the beauty rules. The brand prides itself on creating safe and effective beauty products which use cruelty-free ingredients, ethical marketing and sustainable practices.

While I don’t feel that I necessarily fall into the marketing demographics of this brand, the flawless execution of their strategy has always left me feeling quite… pleased. I work on the strategies of 60+ brands every day and know just how easy it is to miss the mark – but CHICK. Cosmetics keeps their millennial-dominated audience coming back with engaging content, clever build-ups to product launches, well-timed sales, beneficial influencer partnerships, and even bring with them a touch of drama, only ever sharing enough to keep people talking.

At first, CHICK. Cosmetics created a bang by sending out PR packages and promo codes to loads of influencers – with big and small audiences. Impressively, their PR packages weren’t just thrown together and weren’t the same for everyone. They seemed to thoroughly consider the influencer’s audience and the style of content they create, with each box featuring products that were Instagram-worthy and enough to create a hype among the beauty community. Who could forget their bold and eye-catching makeup brushes?


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Their branding features pops of yellow that demands your attention but cleverly, it’s also “pretty enough” to encourage their customers to share a pic of their haul on the ‘gram, furthering their reach and taking advantage of “free” marketing. Their packaging takes it a step further, sporting labels that feature emojis to describe what each product does – I mean, are you even a millennial, if you can’t speak fluent emoji? As a somewhat skincare snob, I prefer the written list of ingredients, but for someone like my sister, she might feel “understood” or “heard” by the brand, and really… she just cares about that glow!

But here’s the thing; CHICK. Cosmetics don’t just get their branding and marketing right, even their products will dare to impress you. In fact, their skin serums – emojis and all – were ranked as some of my favourite serums that I tried last year. They are simple, don’t feature harsh fragrances or ingredients, are great and gentle for youthful skin, and leaves skin feeling hydrated – all a teen/young adult really needs from a serum.

Their cosmetics range is so well considered even beyond the product quality, in fact, they always seem to be hot on the tails of the next big trend :

Micro-fibre sponges? CHECK!

Bold, colourful palettes? CHECK!

Colourful liners? CHECK!

Easy, compact travel makeup? CHECK!

And if that’s not enough, the brand takes it a step further in understanding their audience by pricing their products competitively AND offering exceptional discounts, promos and even student discounts. Knowing that most of their audience is, in fact, teens and young adults, they knew and considered that they’d have to make their products accessible to a student’s budget if they were going to win the hearts (and likes) of their target audience.

CHICK. Cosmetics may have only launched their brand 3-years ago but considering just how much thought and consideration they put into their strategy, I have no doubt that this brand will continue to “slay” the beauty industry! I delight in everything they do and can’t wait to see what’s next for the local beauty brand, daring to do things differently.

Support CHICK. Cosmetics by visiting their website, liking them on Facebook, Instagram and following them on Twitter.

Note: This post is in no way sponsored – I did previously reach out to the founder a few months ago, with the hope of interviewing her for this piece but have not yet heard back.

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  • Priscilla gran.
    Posted at 19:43h, 18 February

    Do you know of any product that considers pensioners. Price of creams are so over the top.