Freeman’s Cosmic Holographic Mess

Freemans Cosmic Holographic Peel Off Mask











  • It has pretty packaging
  • It is more affordable than their tubes


  • It burns your skin
  • It dries your skin
  • Your skin feels inflamed and sensitive after use
  • It hurts to peel off

Back in the day, everyone would hype Freeman Masks as if they were the very best masks available from Clicks and Dis-Chem. At the time, they were around R100 for a tube and while the tube is generously large, I wasn’t quite prepared to spend that sort of money on a face mask especially one I wasn’t sure I would love. Obviously, since then, things have changed; they have expanded their range to offer a wide variety of facial masks, all of which sound amazing and well… my budget allows for more stretch and I am able to try more products.

Awhile back, Freeman introduced their In-Shower Facial Masks which was and still is something I don’t feel I have seen from other brands, and being the self-proclaimed masking-addict I decided to give one a try to see what everyone loved so much about Freeman. The mask was really rough on my skin and I ended up using the rest of the tube on my body as a scrub.

Disappointed, I didn’t think I would be purchasing another Freeman product for a long time, but recently I saw that they have launched sachets which retail for around R50, with each sachet containing around 3-4 uses. I decided to purchase two different sachets to see if my first Freeman experience was just unfortunate or perhaps, I would discover some new favourites.

Spoiler… I did not discover any new favourites.

Last night, I decided to try the Cosmic Holographic Peel Off Mask in Balancing Moonstone which is said to be “infused with Moonstone (WTF is Moonstone and why does my face need it?) [to] smooth and balance skin for a renewed complexion. Perfect for all skin types.”

My first impression was that the texture is thick and gloopy… but it looked like a unicorn threw up in my hand, so I figured that maybe it’ll have some special healing properties. The smell is ridiculously strong – rubbing alcohol strong – take your breath away strong – is this a shebeen on my face kind of strong? – oh my gosh, I have “regerts” sort of strong – flip, this is going to dry and destroy my skin because it’s so strong… is it too late to go back and never, ever try this mask… ever?  The amount of alcohol in this mask is enough to make you drunk dial an ex- IT IS UNBELIEVABLE THAT THIS IS ALLOWED IN A FACE MASK! It’s as if the people at Freeman’s had no consideration for their client’s skin at all and were just trying to be trendy and jump on the cash wagon that Glam Glow established by offering “fun, quirky, selfie-worthy” face masks with no actual benefits.

This, by no means, is safe for all skin types. Whether you have sensitive skin, dry skin or just like having any skin on your face, I urge you to avoid this like the black plague. This mask is horrible and doesn’t even make for a cute selfie AND isn’t even holographic!!

If this whole experience wasn’t enough, it hurt A LOT to peel of this hell-mask. There was lots of swearing and tugging, and I came pretty close to tears, so I tried to distract myself by answering random questions on my InstaStories while swearing between videos. Needless to say, my skin was left red, inflamed and hating life (nearly as much as my scalp hates me for dying my hair 4 times in a day).

Usually, when a product sucks this hard, I try my best to find another use for it. As an example, I use the Freeman In-Shower Mask to sand down my planters, before painting them. (JK. I use it as a body scrub). But besides pouring this gloopy-mess on the floor and burning a hole to China, I can’t think of another use for this mask, but am open to your ideas, so don’t forget to comment below.

For shits and giggles, I also thought I would share this review I spotted on Amazon of this mask because I felt it was expertly written.

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  • Simone Cameron
    Posted at 11:49h, 21 January

    LMAO…that review at the end! I will avoid at all costs!