Taking a Leap of Faith

After a year of thinking about it, I have finally taken the leap (of faith) and launched my new platform; Cup of Faith. Cup of Faith is an online network directed at Christian Women that serves to connect, inspire, encourage and empower women in faith. The hope is that this platform will become an online ministry, with a strong focus on community-driven content.

I realize how intimidating it can be, walking into a church for the first time, especially when we’re torn and broken or too scared to ask the questions we have on our hearts and minds, in fear that someone will laugh or tell us off. I also realize that we have a hard time seeking help when we need it the most, so I wanted to create a platform that is accessible to everyone and that breathes hope and faith into the lives of women.

The reason I have decided to launch an entirely new platform instead of changing the focus of this one is because By Megan Kelly is just that – it’s written by me, but I want Cup of Faith to be so much more than that. I want you to be able to click over to Cup of Faith and find at least one other contributor whose story you can relate to and connect with. I acknowledge that my experience in life is very one-sided and there’s loads of topics and experiences I have no knowledge in, so I wanted to bring women from all walks of life, ages and races to one place so that we cover varying topics from all perspectives.

For now, I have launched the website where you can apply to become a contributor and features a blog, an online book club for you to review books, downloadable freebies and printables, a section to request prayers, and my podcast. In time, I hope to expand on that and eventually launch an online store, offering apparel and products.

So, grab a cuppa and catch up on Cup of Faith. 

P.S. If you’re wondering what will happen to this little spot of the internet – I am not sure, yet. I don’t know if I want to continue maintaining the blog and am considering using my Instagram account to micro-blog and share bits of my life. So, be sure to follow me there.


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