Ridiculously Fun Board Games to pack this long weekend!

It seems that Axl has become a somewhat connoisseur of board games lately, and well… I love it! Darren and I kick ass at 30-Seconds, become really competitive at Scrabble, and are always game for a round of Uno, so the fact that my child is keen to play a game or two, means that we’ve started collecting board games and we’ve unintentionally picked some of the most ridiculous (yet fun) games we can find!

With the long weekend around the corner, what better excuse to play a board game (or three) with the whole family. Here are some of our top picks:

Gas Out

My boys think farts are really funny, I mean… My son lets out the biggest tummy laugh at just the thought of a fart. So, when we bought Gas Out, it was endless giggles for a solid hour or two. It’s really simple to play, encourages counting, strategy and my boys don’t completely hate losing!

How to Play: Guster the Gas Cloud is full of intestinal discomfort and he’s ready to rip! To play, place him on the centre of the table and then deal 3 Gas Out cards to each player. If you play a Number card, press Guster as many times as the number shown – but watch out! Guster’s blasts are not silent and they’re definitely deadly. If Guster farts, you’re out!

Snot It

If I had to pick a favourite game to play with my boys, this is probably it. I find Snot It to be absolutely disgusting, but also – and don’t tell anyone I admitted this – it is so much fun! Like seriously, you’ll feel like a child again and will probably have a belly ache from all the laughing!

How to Play: Snot it is the gross game of boogey fun, where you win by picking the most boogers. Simply put on your snot glasses, (the snot is sort of like slime) and try to collect the right coloured boogers from the spinning booger bowl! Beware of the purple boogers: if someone picks one up, everyone yells “snot it!” as fast as they can and the first player to yell keeps the purple booger, while the last player must return a booger to the bowl. The first player to collect 10 boogers wins!

Pie Face

I am pretty sure just about everyone and their mum has seen a video of this board game being played, but in case you’ve been living in a time where Monopoly was the only family board game worth playing, this is a messy option and the perfect way to end any family feud: with a pie in the face!

How to Play: First, players load the arm with whipped cream (not included) or the included sponge. Then each player places their chin on one of the chin rests and at the count of 3, rapidly mashes the button nearest to them, which activates the hand on the throwing arm. The suspense builds as players try to get the arm to move toward their opponent, and when it gets too close to the pie thrower, it’ll spring up, and that player will get creamed. The player who doesn’t get pie-faced wins.

Egged On

This is probably not the best game if the weather proves to be cold, but it’s loads of fun, especially in summer! Pro tip: play outside!

How to Play: In this game, players pick the right egg or get wet. The Egged On game is a hilarious and suspenseful game in which players take turns picking plastic eggs and pressing them on their heads. Some of the eggs are filled with water and players never know which one they’ve got in their hand. The players who get splashed are out and the “yolk” is on them. The last player left in the game wins.

Chow Crown*

This is the latest addition to our collection, which arrived earlier today and has already been packed for our weekend away with family! While we haven’t played it just yet, it looks hilarious and I can’t wait to see the boys have a go!

How to Play: Chow Crown features a musical crown-spinning, chow-chompin’ game with a tasty twist. Put on the crown then load the dangling forks with various food –  fruit, cheese, marshmallows …choose favourite snacks (and MARSHMALLOW EASTER EGGS!) and get ready for all the fun! The crown will spin and play music and the challenge begins. Players try to bite off the food without using their hands and aim to eat them all before the music stops. Want more of a challenge? Switch from the long game mode to the shorter game mode. The player who eats the most food wins.

These are just some of the board games we’ve come to love and enjoy – would you like us to share more? What are your favourite board games to play with your family?

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