Sorbet: The best at-home-pedi money can buy!

It has been aggggggggges since I posted a beauty review, but guys, after trying this stuff for the first time, I immediately jumped on my laptop to type up this review because I was THAT impressed.

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Sorbet’s range of beauty products. I mean, do you remember that time I bought 8 of their Vitamin Rescue Masques because I was scared that they were discontinuing the stuff? Yeh, I am STILL working my way through my stockpile and no, I don’t have any regrets. But seriously, I have loved all of their skincare and body products, am yet to try their cosmetics and just heard about the launch of their home range.  Yup, Sorbet is KILLING it!

About a year ago, they launched a range of foot care products which I didn’t pay too much attention to, mainly because I HATE feet, especially MY feet. However, I did end up giving in and buying their 4-in-1 Pedi Kit (R80) which is a super cute once-off pampering kit that includes 4 sachets of foot products that work to soften, cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise your feet. While I did like the kit, it wasn’t a product that I went out of my way to purchase again. It was just sort of… nice… but you know, it wasn’t enough to make me immediately type up a review or stockpile the stuff in case of the apocalypse.

Now, a little bit of a backstory…

While I hate feet (especially my own) I tend to walk around barefoot a lot! Yes, I am one of those disgusting small-town folk who constantly “forgets” to wear shoes. Unless we’re going out to the mall, you will most likely find me barefoot – I just prefer it that way. The problem, though, is that walking around barefoot causes your heels to harden and well, my feet had gotten so hard that when I recently cut my foot on glass, I didn’t even feel it and only knew because I had noticed the bloody path that left a trail behind me.

Now, usually, I’d make an appointment at Sorbet Walmer Park for my favourite treatment; The DMK Medi-Pedi. I wrote a review of my first experience (years ago!) but honestly, my husband and I both go at least once a year and swear by the treatment to effectively remove ALL dry skin and callouses without causing any peeling, sensitivity or pain. However, we don’t have much time to faff about right now as we’ve just gotten back from Cape Town and leave again for Jo’burg in a week, so I browsed Clicks for an at-home solution that would be affordable while still being effective or at least effective enough to get me through, until I get home and have some time to be pampered by Sorbet Walmer Park.

That’s when I spotted the Sorbet Foot Peel Duo Kit (R200). Just like the Medi-Pedi, you start by applying a gel that disrupts your natural PH levels, and then you wrap your feet in cling film and let them sit for 20-minutes until your skin softens to the point that you can literally rub it off! You then use a little spatula to scrape off all the dead skin, before applying the Neutralising Foot Tonic which restores your natural PH levels and ensures that you don’t experience any sensitivity that you’re prone to experiencing with those horrible peel treatments, where the skin peels off for 2-weeks!

Besides it doing exactly what it says it does, there are a few reasons I absolutely love this product from Sorbet:

  1. It’s affordable AF. If I am not mistaken their salon treatment is around R450. However, for R200 you can buy yourself this kit and get enough product to last you around 20 at-home pedicures.
  2. Although it is extremely effective, it’s still more gentle than the DMK Medi-Pedi, which I was relieved about. The ladies that work at Sorbet are all well-trained to use hardcore chemicals and I just wouldn’t feel comfortable using salon-grade products without the right training or knowledge.
  3. There is no harsh scent, it doesn’t hurt, sting or cause any sensitivity.
  4. The kit has everything (except cling wrap) that you need for your at-home treatment and is really simple to use.
  5. IT WORKS! I think I was just really surprised that it was so effective at removing the dead skin on my feet. I mean, I really was expecting it to be like every other foot scrub, but nope… it really does soften your skin until you can scrape it off (it’s truly disgusting but also very satisfying!) and your feet are left feeling super soft.


While I am still a huge fan of a pampering Medi-Pedi at my local Sorbet, I have to admit that I love that this duo will help see me through the time in-between my salon treatments. (I admit, I am somewhat embarrassed by the state of my feet when I do visit them…) I also like that this is more budget-friendly and isn’t just one-use.

Well done Sorbet, really and truly, I am blown away!

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