Awesome Ways to Keep Kids Entertained on Flights

Can you believe that school holidays are already here? I certainly can’t. I am sure I have mentioned this before, but one of my current gigs is managing a mom’s Facebook group, and a topic that constantly comes up is, tips for flying with young children. It might sound silly, but every parent knows that there’s few things more nerve-wracking than the thought of being stuck in a plane high above the ground with a bored child in tow.


Of course, things aren’t exactly helped by the ever-increasing number of news stories about ‘a toddler throwing a tantrum at 37,000 feet’ but honestly, flying with little ones doesn’t have to be the nightmare we all think it is. To make you trip easier, I have shared 7 awesome ways to keep your kids entertained while flying these holidays.


  1. Pack Their Favorite Toy

Whether it’s their favourite teddy, super hero or Barbie doll, a familiar toy not only distracts children with something they can play with, but can help comfort and soothe your little flyer too. Just make sure that whichever airline you’re flying with allows you to take additional hand luggage onboard like Mango flights who allow parents to take a baby bag in addition to their own carry-on.


  1. Play Games

 There’s plenty of games that you can play on a flight… but beware of packing too games with lots of little pieces (I made this mistake once, and Jenga hasn’t quite been the same again… oops!). Instead, it’s often best to keep things simple or just stick to classics like I-Spy, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Simon Says.


  1. Introduce Them to New Stories

 If your kids are anything like mine, a flight or long drive is the perfect excuse to tuck into some new books without the distractions that are found at home. Use your flight as an opportunity for quiet, uninterrupted reading time by packing their favorite books or a new story that you haven’t read before. Reliving the magic of Disney is always a win for our boys!


  1. Point Things Out

 I flew a lot as a child so am guilty of forgetting just how exciting and mesmerizing flying up in the sky can really be, so take some time away from the games to point things out that your kids might miss, like the rolling fields, rivers, mountains, and cities below. Believe me, they’ll have loads of questions so be prepared for the constant chatter and excited babbling ? (What tells you my son is at the age where everything is a question!?)

  1. Go For A Walk

You can’t exactly get too far when you’re in a plane, but even just taking a walk up and down the aisle, to the toilet can make all the difference to a kid that’s full of energy! Just be sure to keep hold of very little ones in case of any unexpected turbulence.


  1. Take A Small Device 

The easiest way take an entire collection of books, toys and activities is by using an all convenient electronic tablet or iPad. Just be sure to download games and books ahead of time (data isn’t cheap!) and don’t forget the charger! A good tip is to try find games that include activities focused around travelling or perhaps see if there is something about the destination you’re heading to.


  1. Bring Snacks 

Don’t underestimate the power of a good snack pack! If your kids are anything like mine, they’d have already announced to the entire plan that they’re hungry, before take-off!  So, make sure you have a bag full of their favorite snacks, especially if they’re picky eaters!


….and before you know it, you’re back on the ground. You can stretch your legs, burn off some steam, and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. See, flying with little ones isn’t so bad, is it?

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