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Weylandts has opened in PE!


Back in August, Darren and I moved into our dream home – a modern, beautifully laid out house that features 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, an office, open living area, deck and pool. The new space is everything that we could have wanted (and more) and certainly makes up for all the late nights it has taken to get here. The only problem is, I kind of wish I could throw out everything I have ever owned and start fresh with beautifully curated pieces that fit in with the look and feel of our new space.

While it’s probably not ideal throwing everything out at once, our new house is definitely a good enough reason for me to spend a lot of time browsing furniture and home décor stores, so it’s no surprise we jumped at the opportunity of visiting the new Weylandts store that opened its door for the first time in Port Elizabeth this past weekend.

Before being invited to the store, I had never visited Weylandts and was impressed to learn that it is South Africa’s leading furniture and homeware retailer. Each of their stores feature a unique theme that promises to leave you feeling inspired and includes a variety of new and exciting products that you won’t find anywhere else.

Their new Port Elizabeth branch is their 12th store and is themed around the concept of The Collector of Landscapes, inspired by settings that range from muted sandscapes to dark forests that feature different textures and colours like charred wood, weathered leather, rusted steel, the deep green of delicious monsters and ebony-stained oak. I must have walked through the 1,300m² double volume store at least three times, and still feel like I could go back and discover something new and exciting.

I will be honest, I had no expectations going into their store, but even if I had – they would have been far exceeded. Every inch of the place oozes passion, beautiful pieces, conversational starters and exquisite furniture that is bound to make a statement. I personally love the versatility that so many of their bigger items offered like their modular sofas that can be pulled apart and put back together again. Of course, I was more than delighted when I spotted not one, but two beautiful elephant pictures which prompted me doing some quick maths to figure out if we had enough walls with the sort of space that each piece needed. Alas, I think I may need to display one on the ceiling and will call it a modern art installation.

Darren’s late uncle, who passed away earlier this year, was a well-known interior decorator in Cape Town whose apartment rivalled something you would expect to find on the pages of magazines. His style was eclectic, exciting and always featured the most interesting conversation starters. It was because of him that I started to see furniture differently; he’d invest in a really good couch, or stool and years later, when he had grown tired of the style or wanted to remodel the room, he’d have the furniture reupholstered and change up the entire feeling and look of the room. I really came to admire that and want to adopt the same sort of practice; invest in quality products that make any house feel like home.

There were more than a handful of items in the store that Darren and I both agreed were well-worth the price and it made me realize that while I cannot justify spending thousands of rands on stuff like makeup and trending gadgets, I certainly see the value of investing in things that make our place feel more like home, by adding a bit of our personalities to each room through functional and quality pieces. The beauty of Weylandts products is that they are timeless, so instead of worrying about keeping up with trends, I have a piece of furniture like a dining room table that will last for years. Just think of all the memories we’ll create around that table?

With so much to see, you’re bound to feel peckish after you’ve shopped your heart out at Weylandts, so in addition to their impressive and bold furniture store, they also offer a contemporary bistro-style coffee shop which serves delicious smoothies, scrumptious toasted sandwiches, salads, filled croissants and other baked goods (the cookies smell sublime!), which can all be enjoyed beneath the giant fig tree, next to the fireplace or in the indoor-outdoor seating area.

What are you waiting for? If you’re in PE and are looking to be wowed, pop in at the new Weylandts store located at 220 Main Road Walmer. You won’t be disappointed!


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