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Life Lately: What I Have Been…

Last week, I asked on Instagram what you’d like to see next on my blog and the majority of you asked that I share a little update of what I have been doing, reading, watching, etc. If I am being honest, a few months ago I wouldn’t have been able to do this sort of blog post because my life consisted of so little outside of work, sleep, eat and repeat, but there’s little denying that there’s been a big change in my life, and with it, I have found joy in discovering new things.

What I have been…


I quite like my current routine and especially love that it’s centred around the kids and what they need, versus my kids trying to fit in with whatever I have got going on. At the moment, our day starts at around 7am, the kids have breakfast, I drink coffee and read my Bible before we start getting ready. We drop Axl off at school (thankfully his school is literally 2 minutes from home, so the mornings are super calm and easy!) and then head off to gym. I come home to shower and do some work while Eli naps, we fetch Axl, bake, play, and make dinner, before settling down for the night-time routine. We listen to Bible Songs, sing softly to each other, and by 8pm, they are both out. From 8pm, I focus on getting some more work and blogging done, before going to bed at 11pm.

I have reclaimed the weekends as ours so instead of spending the entire time hiding behind my screen, you can usually find me taking care of my little garden, baking or helping out with the pool. I have also fallen victim to the Premier League – no one told me how long this darn tournament would be – and now I have chosen a team, bought their T-shirt and signed up for Fantasy League, so I am too far in, and most of our weekends are planned around who is playing. I won’t lie, I have SERIOUSLY gotten into this, so much so that it’s now a goal to see my team live and even more of an excuse to get my British passport (gosh, I wish I were joking… but also, not really… because it’s really fun and I love watching soccer with my boys every weekend. PLUS! There’s a lot more drama in soccer than there is in the Kardashians and I have become pretty good at reading lips).

(Writing this paragraph has made me especially happy and I have dumb grin on my face!)


Oh gosh, this is a bad one! I have really been struggling to find a book that grips me from the start and often find my brain wandering far away from the pages. I had started Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential, which was great for the soul and felt like I was having a beer with him. I also tried Tess Holiday’s book, which I had found discounted at Bargain Books, but it just wasn’t the book I needed right now. So, other than a few cookbooks, Reddit and my Bible, I am not reading much.

(However, I have come up with the title to a book that I am yet to write.)

Listening to

I have slowly gotten back into podcasts and find them great for cleaning up the house, gardening, or baking. I had been looking for a Bible Study for a while now, but always found myself bored to death by the voice on the other end, until I recently discovered “Drunk Girls Bible Study”. I love that 3 women on the other side of the world have created a podcast that makes them feel like they’re right here in my kitchen with me, catching up on the day, and chatting about the word. It’s been really great for the soul! I have also been enjoying “Ellie and Anna Have Issues” – Anna is MotherPukka on Instagram – and I am yet to make it through an episode without tearing up from laughter. If you’re a mom or expecting mom, have a wicked sense of humour and just want a giggle, definitely check them out!

In terms of music, I have been overplaying The Lumineers’ Cleopatra album for the last 3 months. It gives me such warm feelings, and it’s the perfect soundtrack for dancing in the kitchen with my boys – it really is just the most wonderful album. I’m also loving George Ezra and Panic! At the Disco.


Hmmm, we really don’t get much time to watch anything lately, but we do try to catch up on our usual series over the weekend. Besides the “Super Store”, “Modern Family”, “The Good Place”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “The Resident”, “The Good Doctor”, and “Shark Tank”, we have also started watching “The Purge” (the series), “Single Parents” and “I Feel Bad”. My Netflix and Hulu “To Watch” lists are the length of my arm right now, but until we miraculously get extra hours added to the end of each day, I am pretty sure it’ll keep growing (until the kids are in college ?). We did binge A-Typical Season 2 over the weekend it was released, and it was absolutely brilliant! The episodes are short and punchy, and I really love the writing – such a good show! We also recently watched “Daddy’s Home 2”, “Blockers” and “The Package” which were all hilarious, while “Letters to all the Boys I have loved” was incredibly sweet and reminded me of a John Hughes teen movie.


Discovering my new normal. I have hit many lows over the last few months and every day continues to challenge me, my patience and my mental health. If I am honest, I am pretty sure that if I paid it too much attention, I’d likely crumble, but distracting myself by trying new things that bring joy, peace and balance to my life has really been so enriching.

And that wraps up a quick update of the things I have been doing and enjoying. Let me know in the comments what you have been doing, watching and loving! I love learning more about you.

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  • luchae
    Posted at 22:42h, 30 October

    Okay so you need to tell me what type of books you’re into! I have a bunch I thought you might be interested in but you tell me your flave first. Also, which team are you supporting in the PL? Lol

    • Megan Kelly
      Posted at 23:03h, 31 October

      Tottenham – it’s mainly because most of their players are from the English team bwahahah! Oooooh, please do send me some book suggestions. I am a sucker for things that hit me in the feels but also like practical books that I can learn something from, biographies, love stories, short stories that are funny or uplifting. Right now, I am struggling to get into anything, so open to hearing about all your favesss!