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Becoming a Tourist in my own City with a Nelson Mandela Bay Pass

I don’t consider myself being the pulse of The Bay, and by that, I mean that I hardly ever know what’s new, hip and happening in my city. But I am also not the type of person who you’ll ever hear saying, “there’s nothing to do in Nelson Mandela Bay.” You see, I am a creature of habit; I like only eating at certain restaurants because their chicken to mayo ratio is perfect, their coffee is not too strong, and they have baby chairs. I only visit kiddies’ play areas during the week and avoid malls over the weekend. I stay away from crowds, and don’t often challenge myself to find a new adventure. Well, that’s until now.

When we made the decision to stay in South Africa for just a while longer, Darren and I agreed that we’d satisfy our need to explore by becoming tourists in our own city and finding new things to do and see right here, at home. Darren has only ever lived in Port Elizabeth, and I have lived here for the last 12 years but if I am being honest, I can probably count on my one hand how many of the tourist attractions I have bothered to see. In fact, I only visited Addo for the first time this year, and now, it’s one of my favourite places to be, and I have since gone back 3 times more!

About a year ago, I remember briefly hearing about the Nelson Mandela Bay Passes and liking that it offered a variety of activities at discounted rates. I figured that it would give us a good excuse to explore our city, and perhaps even challenge us to do things out of our comfort zone (read: Homeleigh Farm, Kragga Kamma Game Reserve and now, Addo!)

What is a Nelson Mandela Bay Pass?

Well, this is probably the niftiest thing I have ever heard of, and one that I am incredibly proud my home city has! The Nelson Mandela Bay Pass is a smart card access card which gives you free admission and discounts to a variety of attractions and activities in Nelson Mandela Bay which include museums, game reserves, scuba diving, art galleries, and tours. In addition to your Nelson Mandela Bay Pass, you’re given a free guide which explains all the offers available. The great thing is that there are so many offers to choose from, that you really are spoilt for choice!

Pick the Pass for You

There are two types of passes to choose from:

5-in-1 Pass

Ideal for locals, the 5 in 1 pass is valid for 3 months and limits you to any 5 of the offers, attractions and activities advertised in the guide.

(Prices: R600 per adult, R450 per child)

Unlimited Access

If you’re a tourist looking to fit in as much of The Friendly City, into a short visit, as you can, then the unlimited itinerary pass is for you! This pass is valid for 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, or 7 days depending on your needs, giving you an unlimited amount of attractions to do in the timeframe you have purchased it for.

(See pricing here)

Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism were kind enough to partner with me on our quest to find adventure in our home city and have given us 4 Nelson Mandela Bay Passes so that we can see, do and try things all around The Bay for the next 3 months. The best part? I’ll be sharing and documenting all the activities we do, right here!

So, where to first?

Come and Explore!

If you’d also like to become a tourist in our beautiful city, you can purchase a Nelson Mandela Bay Pass here and don’t forget to tag your photos with #ShareTheBay, so we can all be part of your next adventure!

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