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5 Makeup Launches I am excited about

Besides Christmas being just around the corner, I always look so forward to this time of year because with the festive and summer seasons already here, everyone seems to be launching the best of beauty. I figured that instead of just panting and dreaming over all the new launches, I’d share some of my favourite finds and perhaps inspire your own wish list too. (please, someone tell Santa that I have been good!)Clarins' Limited Edition Summer Collection 2018 - By Megan Kelly

Clarins Limited Edition Summer Collection

It’s no secret that the annual summer collection from Clarins is one of my most anticipated collections of every year. I started collecting the bronzer from each collection 3 years ago, and know that without a doubt, I will be adding this year’s one to my collection too! Pink flamingos, palm trees and bright colours sum up the inspiration of this year’s collection, with the bronzing compact being at the top of my NEED list, followed by limited edition SOS primers.

I use Clarins’ SOS primers almost daily and absolutely love that they have launched two new shades specially formulated to warm all skin tones, while their “blur” effect instantly illuminates and corrects skin. This year, the Bronzing Compact, duped “Sunshine in a compact” has been decorated with pink flamingos and palms, and contains 3 matte shades which have been adapted to suit all skin tones, giving skin a healthy natural glow.

Also included in the collection is a limited-edition all-in-one pen for the eyes and lips (I have the original one from last year, and it’s still one of my favourite travel essentials!) featuring black, plum and emerald green eyeliners and a bright pink lip liner. In addition, they have also added a new shade to their Lip Comfort Oil range, which features a new blackcurrant flavour with a sparkling plum shine.

Bronzing Compact, R560 | SOS Primer, R425 | 4-Colour All in One Pen, R515 | Lip Comfort Oil, R335
Launching on the 22nd of October on Clarins

Elizabeth Arden Holiday Blockbuster Kit 2018 - By Megan Kelly

Elizabeth Arden Blockbuster Kit

Every year, I keep an eye out for the Elizabeth Arden Blockbuster collection because I live in disbelief that they can top the previous one, or that they can still be such good value for money, and every year, they prove me wrong. In fact, this year they did one better and beat their own price from last year.

For those who don’t know, every year, Elizabeth Arden launches their Blockbuster Kit just in time for the festive season. A few years back, my husband bought me one and I have been hooked ever since. In fact, at the time, it was my first ever purchase from Elizabeth Arden and was probably what started my love for the brand in the first place (sjoe, this is making me nostalgic!)

The Blockbuster Kit features 2 eyeshadow palettes (in my experience, the formulas are super creamy – I love mine so much, that it’s the first and only eyeshadow palette that I have hit pan on!), a face palette featuring 2 blushes and a highlighter, 2 full-size lipglosses, 1 full-size Grand Entrance Mascara (Elizabeth Arden mascaras are some of the best I have ever tried!), 4 full-size lipsticks and a gift makeup bag.

The Blockbuster kit is the ideal gift for anyone who loves makeup and wants to start a quality makeup collection, and it gives you the option to go from day to night effortlessly.

R1,195, Foschini

Use the promo code ARD10 to get 10% off

MAC Christmas Collection

If I had to pick just one beauty highlight of this year, it would likely be trying MAC Cosmetics for the first time! If you’ve been here to witness it all, you’ll probably know that my one-time innocent purchase of their Strobe Cream has resulted in me visiting their store any chance I can get and never leave empty-handed. I am now the proud owner of a lot of their products and am yet to have my heartbroken – gosh damn it, I hate (but love) just how good their products are.

Besides offering superior products that are consistent in quality, I like how on the ball they are. It doesn’t take them months to get a collection, their shelves are never empty, and their online store offers exceptional service AND FREE delivery. I find that although we do seem to be getting more brands in South Africa, brands keep missing the mark when it comes to ordering enough stock to keep up with demand, resulting in long lapses of time between restocks, they never cater to our diverse skin tones and we always get collections last… but not MAC. MAC has this shit figured out, and more brands should take a page from their book… but I digress!  MAC Shiny Pretty Things Collection - By Megan Kelly

Last year, I oohed and ahhed over their Christmas collection but was still very much living in denial and thought that their products were overpriced and overrated. Now that I have seen the light, I WILL NOT – I repeat – I WILL NOT be missing out on their Christmas collection and believe me, it’s a special one!

If I am not mistaken, the Christmas collections are going to be launched in three separate phases – well, that’s what has been rumoured that they’ll be doing overseas, and I expect they’ll do something similar here too. I haven’t seen all the products yet, but it is fair to say my heart wants it all because what is better than makeup that oozes the spirit of Christmas… absolutely nothing, I tell you!


Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly - By Megan Kelly

Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly

I first saw this on Loey Lane’s Instagram page, and knowing that we both struggle with dehydrated skin, I REALLY wanted to give it a go so looked to see if it had been launched locally. Sadly, at the time, it hadn’t, and I figured it might take a while to reach our shores but a month or so later, I saw that it had popped up on Foschini online – woooohoooo.

I haven’t ever tried Clinique Skincare, and had been meaning to pick up their Moisture Surge range and Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm that everyone always talks about but there’s something more alluring about the all-new Hydrating Jelly – quite possibly the visual picture it paints of a light-weight jelly that my dry skin instantly soaks up!

I find Cliniques price point to be quite fair, and love their clean packaging, so it is very likely that I will end up buying all their skincare items that I have been eyeing out for so long, with my first purchase definitely being the Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly which promises to deliver 24-hour hydration repair and protection from pollution.

R295, Foschini

Kylie Cosmetics JordynxKylie Colab Palette - By Megan Kelly

Kylie Cosmetics Jordyn Palette

Don’t judge, okay?

A few months ago, I started watching Kylie’s reality TV show and I’ll admit and I may have gained a bit (a lot) of respect for the young mogul and love that she’s doing something she loves. She really seems to pours so much passion and energy into Kylie Cosmetics and it’s hard not to recognize that dedication. People seem to get annoyed that she launches a new collection every second month, but I think it’s pretty badass – I mean, if people are buying it, she must be doing something right, right?

Besides her business sense, I fell in love with just how close her and her best friend are – maybe too close, at times? But it was amazing to see someone that literally has the world at her fingertips, put so much love into her friendship.

Shortly after I finished bingeing the series, Kylie announced her collab with best friend Jordyn, and my little heart might have started singing with happiness… but then, I saw the eyeshadow palette and gosh, damn it, I know it’s going to be my first Kylie Cosmetics purchase because it is perfect in every freakin’ way.

I used to always want the boldest and brightest eyeshadow palettes, but have gone back to wanting more neutral and wearable shades that are great for everyday looks – not that you can’t wear bright colours every day, but I just sort of like a more “no makeup – makeup” kind of look right now and Kylie’s Jordyn palette ticks all the boxes PLUS offer a little pop of colour.

I can honestly say that this is one of the first products of Kylie’s that I really, really want. I even logged in on launch day and had one in my cart! But I think it might be better to wait for a reseller to get stock, as I don’t want to risk it getting broken or lost in the post.

And that sums up 5 makeup launches I am dying to get my claws on. What have you seen lately that you’d love to try and is there something on this list you’d like for me to review? Comment below!

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