Online Shopping for Plus Size Women in South Africa

I am a huge fan of online shopping – I mean, who isn’t? I can be sitting in front of my heater, hot chocolate in hand, while scrolling through the hottest sales. But something that has become crazily frustrating is how few South African online stores stock items for plus size women. So, today, I am sharing some of my favourite online stores, to shop plus size clothing.

1. Zando

Zando once reigned as the fashion hub for plus size South African women, but seem to be cutting back and no longer offer the diverse range that once suited every budget and style. However, I do still find myself “window shopping” as I love that they frequently offer promotional codes, daily deals and of course, the convenience of being able to shop beauty, fashion and accessories, all in one place.

Pricing: R129 – R1299

Size Availability: Up to size 46

Delivery Fee: FREE!

You can find them over at their website, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

2. Superbalist

Superbalist’s Plus Size range has always lacked a little something and by something, I mean.. clothes. If we’re being real here, their plus size section is all of 4 or 6 dresses that are all made by the same designer. However, from the 29th of September, Spree will merge with Superbalist and considering my love-affair with Spree, I am hopeful that Superbalist will take the baton and expand their offering to include the same variety of clothing.  Spree has always had a lot more options than most plus size ranges (they had EVERYTHING!), and featured designers who specialize in designing clothes for all shapes, which is something that I valued, as often I buy plus size clothing and the brand just assumes that because I have thick thighs, I have long legs (I don’t, I am short AF!).

Pricing: R99 – R2400

Size Availability: Up to size 48

Delivery Fee: Free on orders over R350

You can find them over at their website, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

3. Lee Bex

I am a HUGE fan of Thickleeyonce – it is refreshing having a South African woman of color who is using her social platforms to empower women. Her body positivity is inspiring, not to mention her drive and ambition – she’s just a badass, and also one of the founders of Lee Bex. Although I haven’t yet made my first purchase, I am super keen on adding a few of her pieces to my wardrobe. Lee Bex is a range of clothing that aims to inspire women to own their curves, making them an unstoppable force. Their clothing is usually made in limited quantities so keep an eye on their Instagram, and act quick! Support these local entrepreneurs, while rocking clothes made for your body!

Pricing: R300 – R850

You can find them over at their website, on Facebook, and Instagram.


It’s been years since I last shopped at because I always found their sizing to be 2 sizes too small, but have recently had quite a bit of success with my latest haul and love that they’re expanding their range to be more inclusive, while still staying on brand (and budget!). The only thing that does annoy me about their plus size section is that they continue to model the clothing on size 2 models, which doesn’t give a good representation of how the garment will look on a plus size body.

Pricing: R70 – R149

Size Availability: Up to size 44

You can find them over at their website, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

5. JET

OH-MY-WORD! This has got to be the find of the century, guys! I despise shopping in-store so hardly ever pop into JET Stores and when I do, it is usually to grab the kids something. So, I had NO idea that they had a dedicated plus size range called Donatella, not to mention they have the loveliest clothes at such affordable prices. I recently placed an online order for a pair of jeans that cost only R199 and they are the best fit I have ever found – super soft, really comfortable and they look great! I am blown away by their prices (I got a shirt for R15!) and love just how good the quality is.

Pricing: R12.50 – R350

Size Availability: 16 – 26

Delivery Fee: Free on orders over R550

You can find them over at their website, on Facebook and Instagram.

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