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Revlon Color Charge Range

Yesterday, I spoke all about Revlon’s quiet evolution and mentioned that their latest launch, a limited edition range called Color Charge, was something very different from anything they had brought out previously. The incredible team at Revlon were kind enough to send me the entire Color Charge range to see whether the new launch lived up to their iconic name. Instead of sharing my thoughts on all the products, I thought I’d share a few top picks, and others on Instagram – so keep an eye out for my posts on the grid.

The Color Charge range features 40 limited edition shades of lip, eye, face and nail products that allow you to create your boldest look yet. I don’t believe the entire range is available in South Africa, but a good portion can be bought from Clicks, Dis-Chem and Zando.

Revlon ColorCharge - By Megan Kelly

ColorStay Shadow Palette

R299 from Zando

The limited-edition palette is compact while housing generous pans that feature 10 bold shades; 3 mattes (pink, purple, and brown), 6 shimmers (cream, gold, pink-gold, dark-green, golden-green, and cobalt blue) and 1 silver-topper. The palette does allow you to play on the “safe side” with 3 beautiful neutral shades that look great on their own or defined with the matte brown, but it’s the pops of colour that really make this palette stand out from anything Revlon have done before. I personally love the duo-chrome shades, especially the lime green and light-pink which both reflect gold in the light, as they add a little extra something to any look. The silver topper is commonly seen from brands like Kat Von D, so I think that if you’re not familiar with makeup or the topper trend, you may be disappointed when it doesn’t perform like the rest of the palette. However, rightly used, the silver topper will transform your look and take it from brightly bold to glittery and ready to party.  Revlon ColorCharge - By Megan Kelly

Overall, I am quite impressed with this palette. Bold colours aren’t usually found in the drugstore and are especially not common for Revlon, but they did a good job of curating a bold and colourful palette. The matte shades can be powdery, but work well with a dampened brush (bear in mind, purple is one of the hardest eyeshadows to get right), but the satin-shimmers are sort of special.

Revlon Color Charge - By Megan Kelly

Super Lustrous Lipstick

R159 from Zando

The Color Charge range introduces 5 new shades to Revlon’s Super Lustrous range – bolder colours in the same great formula we already love. To me, these are probably one of the best parts of the limited edition range which have challenged me to have a little more fun with my makeup looks of late.  The formula is creamy, nourishing and comfortable on the lips, while the colours are vibrant and super flattering on all skin tones. Just like their palette, Revlon included a “safe” shade – a nude-pink that pairs well with the bolder eyeshadows – but also pushed the bounds with pops of neon and darker berry tones. My favourite lipstick shade is 030 Violet Rush, paired with 106 Purple Pop from their Super Lustrous Lipgloss range.


Revlon Color Charge - By Megan Kelly

030 Violet Rush-Matte, 028 Red Craze, 025 Fierce Fuschia, 029 Dark Scarlet, 021 Barely Pink

Revlon Color Charge - By Megan Kelly

103 Sparkling Rose, 101 Dream in Nude, 104 Punchy Pink, 106 Purple Pop

Super Lustrous Lipgloss

R159 from Zando

Move over matte lips, lipgloss is back and I am loving it, in fact, my go-to these days is dewy skin, pops of colour and gloss – basically, everything the Color Charge range has to offer. Sparkling Rose and Punchy Pink are my favourite from the range; they have tiny particles of glitter that reflect the light and make your lips appear juicier and fuller. Dream in Nude and Purple Pop are solid colours, that pair well with lipsticks, or on their own. The Super Lustrous Lipgloss formula is non-sticky, non-drying and super comfortable on the lips – even the ones with fine flecks of glitter.

Revlon Color Charge - By Megan Kelly

Liquid Illuminator

R199 from Zando

If there’s only one thing you try from the Limited Edition Color Charge range, it’s the Liquid Illuminator. Up until now, all the products featured are already part of the Revlon range, just bolder and brighter colours, but this and their highlighter are entirely new – unfamiliar territory, if you will. Jumping on the glowing bandwagon, Revlon did an outstanding job with their golden illuminator, so much so that I hope they will consider making this a permanent product in their collection. The lightweight, golden fluid can be worn under foundation for a glow from within, or mixed in with your foundation for that ever-popular golden-glow. My skin is quite dehydrated so I avoid matte products and am focused on getting my skin looking so glowy, it looks wet. I decided to try this bad boy the same day that I received it, which happened to be the EC Meetup and upon arriving, Ella asked me, “what’s going on with your face… It’s like, so glowy and nice.” Unbeknownst to her, it’s probably the best compliment you can give me and it’s all because of this product – it’s definitely one you NEED to try.

And that’s a wrap of my favourite products from the Colour Charge range. There is also Limited Edition nail polishes, skinny liquid eyeliners in metallic shades and a highlighter that can be used as a strobing powder, so keep an eye on my Instagram to learn more. Overall, the range is truly something bold and unique for Revlon and I do hope it’s something they’ll continue working on, especially given their new campaign, “Live Boldly.”

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