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Relive the Magic of Disney

When was the last time you watched your favourite Disney movie? From Ariel, Peter Pan, to The Incredibles, Bambi and Moana – I love them all! There’s just something magical about Disney, and besides keeping both young and old entertained, they also teach kids valuable lessons about friendship, overcoming challenges and so much more!

My favourite thing about Disney classics is they remain timeless, so I can enjoy the childhood nostalgia while watching my own children see the magic come alive. If you’re a die-hard Disney fan, you’ll love the book club that I stumbled upon – The Disney Book Club.

This is unlike any other book club I have found, as membership is entirely free and there are no joining fees. Upon signing up, you will receive your welcome pack which includes a FREE gift and two trial books, which you can decide whether you like on a trial basis.

If you love the two trial books – I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s Disney! – You’ll become an official member of the Disney Book Club! By being a member, you are signed up to receive two books every four weeks at R74,95 per book plus postage. You’ll also qualify for the exclusive Disney Book Club Yearbook and a Disney Calendar to preview for 14 days.

If, for whatever reason, you are not completely happy with your trial books, you can simply return the books, at your own expense, within the 14-day-trial-period. Plus, you get to keep the 2 FREE books and backpack.

We tried the Disney Book Club and are most impressed by the quality of the books. They feature beautiful hardcovers, and all the pictures are illustrated by original Disney storybook artists. They’re the sort of books that last years and make good gifts that can be passed down.

Reading with my boys has proven to be a great way to bond and forces me to step away from the computer so that together, we can get lost in a Disney story. It’s also a great way to relax after a busy day, or just before bed. An advantage to reading to children from an early age, is that it helps develop their language skills and imagination while teaching them important life lessons.

If your kids are not big fans of reading, the Disney Book Club is definitely worth looking into, as it’s easier to get them excited about a story that features their favourite characters. Not to mention that they’ll love receiving a package just for them, once a month! The best, and most exciting part (probably more for me, than my kids!) is that overtime, we will have our very own Disney library!

If you’d like to learn more about The Disney Book Club, pop on over to their website, or sign up here. You can also follow and like them on Facebook and Twitter.

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