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How to dress for the job you want

Whether you’re hoping for a promotion at work, or actively looking for a new position elsewhere, how you present yourself can make a big difference. And not just because you’re more likely to make a good impression with the higher-ups, but because you’ll feel more confident too! Here are some tips and tricks on getting it right.


Dressing for a promotion:


When you’re hoping to climb the ladder at the place you work, you already have the home turf advantage. You know exactly which managers or supervisors are involved in making hiring decisions, and just by observing how they dress, you can get a sense for what might impress them. Try and make some general observations, such as whether they tend towards more conservative styles or if they appreciate a more modern look, and try and work a little more of this into your own style. As they say, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery!


If you’re being called upon to meet with an important client or deliver a big proposal, make an extra effort to appear smart and professional for the occasion. Not only does this convey that you take your role as a company ambassador seriously, but it’s likely to give you a bit of a confidence boost too, and therefore improve your delivery.


Dressing for an interview:


As with any job interview, being as prepared as possible is vital. When you’re doing your research on the company beforehand, try and get a rough feel for what the company culture might be like. A bright, colorful and modern website is usually an indication that the company’s look is a bit more relaxed. If you’re not sure however, then stick with neutral colors, conservative styling, and flattering cuts that will let you feel as comfortable and relaxed during the interview as possible.


Remember that accessories should complement your look, not distract from it. During an interview, it should be your personality and skills in the spotlight, and not what you’re wearing. For this reason, try and avoid alarming colors, shiny fabrics or busy patterns that take the attention away from you.


Don’t be afraid to rope in some help


Style and fashion seem to come effortlessly to some individuals, (we’ve all got that friend) but for most of us, we’re just trying our best to emulate what we think we’re supposed to look like! Take inspiration from companies like House of Monatic that specialize in corporate wear, as it’s their job to stay on top of the latest trends. Consulting an expert is the best way to make sure you’re finding items that will flatter your build and look good on you, rather than just looking good in a magazine! Don’t feel afraid to ask a member of staff for advice, and spend time trying items you might not normally gravitate towards. The unfamiliar is always a little daunting, but you might just be pleasantly surprised by the results.


Making the most of your money


Clothes are many things, but cheap is usually not one of them! Corporate and office clothing is no exception, and half the battle can be finding the balance between quality and affordability. There’s very little point in spending your entire budget on one item that you can only wear once a week anyway.


Try and focus on items that are versatile, and can be used in several outfits. If you’re planning to go out shopping, then spend some time planning! You need to have a clear idea in your mind of what you really need to get, as this will make it easier to avoid impulse buying. If you know this is a problem for you, start making notes ahead of time, and bring a friend along to bounce ideas off and help steer you in the right direction. Be aware of what’s lacking in your current wardrobe, and exactly what kinds of items you need to add to complete it. Have a list and stick to it.


Out with the old


Another great way to get to grips with what you actually need is to get rid of the things you don’t! Make time to go through your closet and give away all the items you haven’t worn over the past year. This makes it easier to take stock, and avoid buying items you might think you like but never actually end up wearing to work. If you bought something because it looked really smart in the store, but ended up being so uncomfortable that you never actually wore it, avoid making the same mistake again.


Remember that just adding a few new pieces to your ensemble from time to time can make a huge difference psychologically too. Being confident, happy and more productive at work is really what it’s all about – and that’s sure to get noticed come promotion time!

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