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Dear Spree, I f*cken love you!

I remember the first time I placed an order with you, back when you still stocked cosmetics. You have come a long way since then, but like fine wine, you’ve only gotten better.

Actually, that’s shit… I don’t drink wine, so I don’t know if it gets better with age or if fancy people just like saying that, but I do know a lot about online shopping and you, by far, are my favourite store.

There are so many things I love about your store, so I thought I’d list a few that come to mind:

I can shop from anywhere

I mean, my wallet isn’t really a fan of this but it’s especially convenient when you’re a mom who can’t be left alone long enough to pee, never mind trying to find time to sit and scroll through a website. Your app is easy to use, user-friendly and syncs seamlessly with my laptop.

Your sales are REAL sales

Last year, for Black Friday, I bought R7,000 worth of clothes for just over R1,000. Guys, seriously, we are friends, so you can tell me, but did someone mess up those prices!? They were ridiculously good! Don’t tell anyone this but I am saving money for this year’s Black Friday sale so please don’t disappoint. But the greatest thing about you, is that I don’t have to wait until November for a good sale because your sales NEVER let me down.

Your plus size range is hot!

I have never been thin, so I kind of just assumed that for the rest of my life I would wear clothes that look something like a giant bag, with 3 holes for my head, and arms. But you cater to ALL of me and have a plus-size range like no other. For the first time, I fucken love clothes shopping – you have the biggest selection of flattering, hot and stunning clothes that can suit different styles and body shapes. Most excitingly, I found not one but TWO pairs of jeans that fit, look good and I live in. ME!? The girl who hated jeans – I, now, LIVE in jeans. Who am I even? You changed me.

Your site is inclusive

Gosh, I love the models you use. They’re all so beautiful! Shopping your store is incredibly uplifting because unlike any other site, I see models with tattoos, big thighs like mine, dark skin, and larger busts. I also like that for most of your clothing you tell me what size the model is wearing, and her height because your girl is short – I mean, I wear 3 quarter jeans as full-length.

Your return policy is effortless

I have NEVER returned something from an online store because quite frankly, it’s a bitch of a process. But you make it so super simple that instead of hoarding clothes that don’t suit me, I return them and buy new ones.

I don’t even mind your targeted ads

You know how people hate ads? I love yours! Again, my wallet isn’t a fan, but your suggestions are always so well targeted that I am like, “I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed this!” Seriously, I am trying to save and you aren’t making it easy! But also, well done – you’ve got some really good suggestions for me.

I guess, what I am trying to say is, thank you. Thank you for creating an online store that brings the very best of both local and international brands. Thank you for providing affordable clothing, but also luxury items that I aspire to own. Thank you for providing variety. But most of all, thank you for making me feel beautiful.

Faithfully yours,

Your typical late-night shopper.

P.S. This isn’t sponsored. I was inspired to write the blog post when I was busy clearing out my wardrobe and realized that 90% of the clothes that I have kept is from Spree. If you’d like to see what I am on about, you can shop here, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

* As of September 29th 2018, Spree has merged with Superbalist.

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  • An Ordinary Gal
    Posted at 10:35h, 24 May

    I love their plus size range!

    • Megan Kelly
      Posted at 20:16h, 06 June

      They have the best plus size range!