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Are the kids driving you wacky this winter? Try WackyBox!

Over the years, I have seen many subscription boxes promise to keep kids busy with fun and educational activities, all conveniently shipped to your doorstep each month. But sadly, most of them underdeliver and soon, go out of business. So, when we interviewed an aupair who recommended we try a subscription service called WackyBox, I was a tiny bit sceptical, but after looking them up I realized that they had been in business for a while now, which means they must be doing something right, right?

Anyway, it got me thinking about subscription boxes, so I asked on Facebook which were your favourites before reaching out to each and seeing what they had to offer. WackyBox came back and said that instead of filling in my questionnaire, they’d like for us to try it for ourselves and sent us a box for Axl to try.

WackyBox was created to help give parents the opportunity to spend quality time with their children while also contributing to their development. The box features activities that have been designed and adapted to suit your child’s age and developmental stage, with several age options that range from 5-12 months, 1-2 years, 2-4 years and 4-6 years.

Each box is jampacked to include everything you need to stimulate 5 skills in your child:

  1. Fine Motor Skills
  2. Gross Motor Skills
  3. Sensory Play
  4. Crafts and Art
  5. Music and Speech

Have you ever scrolled through Pinterest and found yourself wishing you were more like that Pinterest mom who just seems to have her ish together. The one who manages to shower, shave and even brush her hair every morning, the one who somehow finds the time to craft with her kids, while effortlessly cooking 3 nutritious meals a day, all while fitting in time for a yoga class, green smoothies and manis with the girls.

I have always wished to be more like my friend Leigh-Ann who does the most outrageously cool crafts with her kiddo but honestly, I just don’t have the time! That’s why I personally love the story behind WackyBox which was first started as a toddler stimulation group. Inspired by her finds on Pinterest, Nicolene wanted to provide moms with the opportunity to socialize while crafting with their kids so she created classes, chose a weekly theme, prepared all the required crafting stuff so that moms could pop in with their kids, socialize, craft and have fun. After moving to the big city, many of the moms had asked for more of her classes, so she decided to pack the themes in boxes and mail them off to moms.

Since then, the business continues to flourish and now boasts both an Afrikaans and English version, and accommodates several age groups while also distributing countrywide, encouraging parents and children to play and learn together.

I chose to get a WackyBox for Axl, who is 4 years old. The theme for the month was Birds, which featured 15 activities. I really liked that the instruction booklet is thorough and even structures the 15 activities over the 4-week period so that you have 4 or 5 activities per week. The box itself is also conveniently used in one of the activities, meaning you won’t have to worry about boxes stacking up and going to waste.

Being someone who really wants that Pinterest mom life, without all the effort of finding the art supplies or the space to store said supplies, I love the convenience of WackyBox. I find the box to be especially useful during the cooler season when we’re stuck indoors and want to be able to distract the kids without driving myself insane with the pressure to create a lesson plan, set a theme and find crafts that are age appropriate, encourage development and teach them important life skills.

The exciting part about the box is that it also prompts a conversation that I hadn’t even thought to have. Each week, while completing our activities, I found myself and Axl chatting all about birds, where they live, how they are born, and what they eat – it proved to be an interesting topic and even encouraged us to pull out some other books where we pointed, screeched and learnt more about birds.

The Monthly Subscription WackyBox costs R340 with the option to double up the contents for a friend or sibling (R100), a once-off gifting option (R380) or a mini WackyBox (R160). You can place your order online here and remember that you also have the option of an English or Afrikaans box.

For more information visit the WackyBox website, and follow them on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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