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Overcoming Taboo with OhBox


For the last 3 months, I have had the pleasure of working alongside Ohbox, a relatively new subscription box which caught my eye when researching my campaign. The partnership has given me the opportunity to discuss intimacy after having children, tips for finding time for each other and some creative ways to add a little fun to the bedroom. But this month, after having tried their subscription box service for myself, I wanted to chat more about Ohbox and how it can help you and your partner reconnect by encouraging you to let go, try something new and have a little fun and why it helps couples who are facing intimacy challenges after having children.

OhBox is a uniquely curated subscription box, with a different theme each month, giving you and your partner something to look forward to. The box includes everything you need to spice up your sex life, treats for a date night, or a little something to fulfil your own hidden fantasies and try something new. Each box is themed and promises to be filled with 5 – 8 items including at least 1 adult sex toy and accessories, accompanied by a selection of either massage candles, oils, lubricants, games, and other tasteful adult novelty items.

Our boxes have always exceeded our expectation by being jampacked with new products we hadn’t even heard of, let alone tried. If I am being honest, at first it was sort of overwhelming because some of the products were… uhm.. risqué. But it opened a dialogue between my husband and I which wouldn’t have been prompted had we not been sent a box full of new things – some outside our comfort zones. At the same time, the monthly box has encouraged us to take time off, for each other  – it’s really easy to overlook how important this is and it can be hard to come by when you have 2 kids under 4 years old, run a business from home and are trying to juggle life. Everything is discreetly packaged, (in fact not even my ever-curious toddler was interested to know what was inside) and the products are good quality. My biggest worry and gripe about signing up to a subscription service is receiving a box full of sample-sized stuff that no one cares to use, but our experience has been quite the opposite. There has been a good balance of full-sized products (think lubricants, candles, massage oils), quality sex toys for both him and her, and a little something extra that challenges you. Overall, I’d recommend Ohbox to anyone who wants to have a little fun experimenting, feels they’re stuck in a rut or has no idea where to start when it comes to sex toys.

intimacy after children - By Megan Kelly

I thought that I’d also reach out to the owners and creators of Ohbox to chat a little more about their service and exactly how it can benefit parents. Here’s what they had to say:

What can a couple expect from signing up for your service?

Couples and singles can both expect to receive a curated box of items which encourage healthy exploration. Your imagination is a wonderful thing and sometimes all you need to get out a rut or discover what pleasures you are a few enticing teasers.

Why do you feel that sexual wellbeing is such a taboo topic especially after having children and how do you think we can fix that?

Sexuality, sexual wellbeing and open discussions about sexual pleasure finally becoming more acceptable to speak about. We do still have the trickle-down effects of previous generations who would never be caught admitting to even having sex, never mind enjoying it – so there are still huge reservations around woman discussing their sexual preferences and issues- even amongst girlfriends. It’s OKAY to enjoy sex, it is even OKAY to know exactly what you like too.

NOW, add having a baby into the mix, and our perception of our own bodies change- our bodies become functional –homes to our babies, feeding equipment and laps of comfort – add pure exhaustion to the mix and well nobody wants to hear about “sexy time”

And that’s OKAY too… but when you are ready- start slow, and alter your expectations. Sex and intimacy BEFORE babies is very different to what it will be like after… so embrace it for what it is and use some of the prompts and toys from OHBOX to help you find new ways to enjoy your own body and each other.

What, in your opinion, makes your subscription service great for new parents?

OHBOX brings the fun back to the bedroom, without you having to do too much planning, thinking and heaven forbid SEX TOY shopping 😉 We know what it is like to barely find time to pop to the local shops for diapers and formula – never mind tossing in a vibrator for good measure 😉 New babies can be all consuming, and when you do find time for sex, neither of you can muster the energy to deviate too far from the ‘norm’. OHBOX surprises you each month and leaves the exploration up to you.

What inspired the idea to start a curated adult-subscription service?

OHBOX was started by parents – just like you. After many a discussion with girlfriends and other couples, it was soon discovered that everyone felt the same way. They wanted to add some more variety to their sex life- they were far too busy in their lives to have much energy left over and did not really know where to begin looking at adding sex toys to their bedroom repertoire. This coupled with the fact that none of the wives dared to leave the purchases to their husbands and didn’t want to be doing the shopping themselves – OHBOX was born… over several bottles of great Method Cap Classique 😉

It can be intimidating not knowing exactly what each box will contain – do you think this encourages or perhaps even challenges couples to try something new?

This is the key idea behind OHBOX – it is easy to get stuck doing the same thing, trying the same methods – or even being too shy to ask your partner to try something new. OHBOX allows couples to experiment, explore items they would perhaps not have tried before and opens the dialogue for healthy discussions about what they enjoy. We cannot guarantee every item in every box will be ‘your cup of tea’ – but we can encourage you to try it out.

How is each theme chosen and curated?

The monthly themes are always a fun task but with an objective in mind to bring topics out from the shadows. Encourage couples and singles to move from the comfort zones and stretch their experiences in healthy respectful ways. We would love to hear some theme ideas.

How important is it to find time for intimacy and how does your service help that?

It is vital to make time for intimacy! We are sensual beings by nature and that intimate connection feeds us. As mentioned before, not every intimate encounter needs to end in full-blown sex so know that your intimate interactions need to respectful, healthy and relative to the stage you are in. Don’t expect “50 Shades of intimacy” if you’ve had a few bad weeks with a colicky baby…. Slow it down and find novel ways to pleasure each other and get endorphins flowing.

Want to treat yourself and your partner to a subscription to Oh-Box? Go to their website and place your order before the 15th of each month to receive your first Ohbox by the 10th of next month. Remember to follow them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram and sign up to their newsletter for special offers.

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