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Elgydium Kids and Junior Toothpaste

In case you haven’t noticed, I have become a bit pedantic about my teeth lately. I had always avoided the dentist because I thought that I had problematic teeth and was so scared that I’d end up needing a whole lot of work. This year, I made a point of conquering my fear, and seeing a dentist – who turned out to be an absolute saint – but she stressed that when it comes to kids there are some fights worth fighting, and brushing teeth is one of them.

I hope that I am not the only one to admit that getting my kid to brush his teeth is my least favourite part of the day. There’s nagging, there’s threatening, there are tears. I kid you not, it takes Darren holding him down, and me forcing a brush into his mouth – it is so rough that it has made my own mom cry!

A few weeks ago, I shared that I bought the new Elgydium’s kids and junior toothpaste so that Axl could join the Elgydium-loving club (my husband and I are proud members.) While our teeth-brushing routine isn’t yet a walk in the park, it has improved slightly, and he no longer complains and gags over the artificial bubblegum flavour that most brands use.

Elgydiums Kids and Junior range of toothpaste include 3 variants; banana, and red berries for ages 2-6 years old and bubblegum for ages 7-12 years. They were kind enough to send us a press drop which included the three flavours, as well as some helpful tips, which I thought I’d share.

  1. You should brush your child’s teeth until they can write comfortably, as this shows that they have the dexterity to brush their teeth properly by themselves. A suggestion is to let them brush their own teeth for a portion of the time, and you brush for them afterwards.
  2. You shouldn’t wait for your child’s “big” teeth to develop before taking oral health seriously, as oral hygiene impacts your overall health.
  3. Don’t let your kids forget to brush their teeth before bed, as sugar and bacteria do damage and increase the likeliness of cavities. If you’re only going to brush once a day, do so before bed.
  4. Encourage your child to watch themselves in the mirror so that they can see where they’ve brushed and get into the habit of brushing everywhere.
  5. Set a timer so that your child can get used to brushing their teeth for two minutes at a time.

Elgydium Kids and Junior toothpaste are available in three delicious flavours – Red Berries and Banana for 2-6-year olds, and Bubblegum for 7-12-year olds.

Aside from tasting great, Elgydium Kids and Junior toothpaste contain two very effective ingredients in optimal concentrations.

  1. Fluorinol (a patented second-generation amine fluoride, also referred to as an organic fluoride) assists in remineralising (i.e. repairing) your tooth enamel. Simply put, this means there is less opportunity for cavities and tooth decay. When compared to sodium fluoride (the most commonly used fluoride), five times more fluorinol adheres to the tooth surface within the first minute of brushing.


  1. Siliglycol is a film-forming agent that prevents sugars from adhering to the teeth. At the same time, it improves fluoride adhesion to the tooth surface.

Elgydium Kids and Junior toothpastes are free from SLS and parabens. The fluorinol concentration is also at an age-appropriate level in each variant, even if your child swallows their toothpaste (although it is recommended that you encourage them to spit).

You can get Elgydium Kids and Junior Toothpastes from Dis-Chem, selected Clicks and independent pharmacies for R54.95.

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