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How to Make Time for Intimacy after Child-Birth


New moms often struggle to find the time and drive to get intimate with their partner after childbirth. In fact, it is what inspired this series in the first place – all moms are struggling with it, but no one feels confident enough to speak about it. The pressure can seem overwhelming, especially when driven by hormonal changes, pain, discomfort, finding the time, and figuring out your new role as a mom.

So, as a new mom, where DO you find the time for you and your partner between the nappy-changes, nap times, laundry, dishes, and cooking?

Make a Schedule

I know it sounds crazy – scheduling sex – but we often get so caught up in everything else that needs to be done, that before long, it’s been weeks since you’ve last had some quality time with your partner. A shared Google calendar is not only convenient for reminding your partner to pick up milk on his drive home, but also allows you to schedule one-on-one time. Having a date marked on the calendar gives you both something to look forward to and gives you some time to prepare by getting a sitter, or family member to watch the kids while you catch up on everything outside your role as parents, smooch and reconnect.

Take Naps

When I first announced this series on my blog, SO many moms commented and emailed saying that they’re just too tired to have sex. As much as I know it isn’t always possible, it’s important to remember to rest when your baby takes a nap. Being tired and stressed out will affect your sex-drive which can lead to your own frustration when your husband is in the mood, but you aren’t. Self-care should be a priority and while sleep may seem like the last thing on your never-ending to-do list, it’s vitally important for your own health and wellbeing as it affects everything you do.

Sneak Around

As much as a scheduled date-night might be in order, it isn’t always possible especially when you are relying on friends and family to babysit. But who is to say you can’t have a little fun? Sneaking off to another room (maybe one that isn’t a bedroom?) can keep things fun and exciting, while the rush of not getting caught by the kids adds to the anticipation.

Know Your Baby’s Sleep Pattern

Perhaps one of the best things that I have learnt is taking note of when my baby typically takes a nap and for how long. It might not be down to the minute, but I roughly know what to expect from a typical day. This has helped navigate when I will get the most work down, when to do household chores and when I will be able to spend some time with my husband without any interruptions.

Do Oral Sex

Even if all the stars align; your baby is napping, you are well-rested, and your to-do list is under control, the hormonal changes experienced post-partum can lower your sex-drive. Moms are constantly setting the highest expectations of themselves trying to juggle it all, so it can become a sore or even breaking point when you’re wanting to reconnect with your partner, but your body won’t let you. Oral sex and giving your husband pleasure is sometimes easier than sex, especially if you’re experiencing discomfort or pain during sexual intercourse. In fact, oral sex can be just as fun and exciting!

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Don’t forget to make your marriage a priority. Your children are certainly gifts but remember why you and your partner got together in the first place. Make the effort to keep the spark alive, by having date nights and reconnecting with your partner outside your roles as parents.

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