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Q & A with my Husband, Darren

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I thought that I’d do a fun post sharing a little more about my relationship with Darren. If you’re new around here, don’t forget to read Our Love Story where I shared about how we met and why we didn’t bother waiting to get married, plus I did a guest post last week sharing more about how we celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Instead of the usual, I thought it would be fun to do a Q & A with questions you sent in via my socials channels and from a few tag videos that I had seen online.

When did we first meet?

Megan: In June of 2012. I was in matric, busy with my June exams when Chelsea (my sister-in-law) insisted I take her brother’s number.

When did you know I was the one?

Darren: When you kissed me on the cheek, the first time.

Megan: A month into our relationship we went away to Port Alfred for a weekend. I remember waking up from an afternoon nap, wrapped up in your arms and thinking I had never felt such peace and contentment. Like, my world was still for the first time in a really long time. Things had been crazy for so long, but there you were… my rock

How long did it take to plan the wedding?

Megan: 2,5 months

When did we get married?

Darren: 27th July. Holy Shit! That’s the first time you’ve gotten it right – did you look it up??

How long have we been married?

Megan: This year we’ll be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary.

How did you propose?

Megan: I’ll let D share this story.

Darren:  I didn’t. Your mom stole it from me.

Megan: My mom asked us when we were getting married. D said that we were looking at getting married in July (it was April) but that he was waiting for me to decide on whether we were going to the Drakensberg. Soooooo… my mom was like oh, that’s only 3 months! We can plan a wedding in that time. Meanwhile… D didn’t get around to asking me to marry him and we planned the wedding before he could. LOL! 

What does your family think of me?

Darren: They like you.

Megan: I never thought to ask them because I really didn’t care but I can say without a doubt that my parents adore you. My dad doesn’t like many people (I get that from him) but he has always had so much time for you. I think the night before our wedding when my dad phoned me to say that he couldn’t stay up with you anymore, I knew just how much he loved and supported our marriage. My mom loves seeing how happy you make me and supported us from the get-go.

What do your friends think of me?

Darren: My friends all think you’re the angriest person in the world. (I am) It’s weird for them to not hear you shouting.

Megan: You’re such a troll.

What is my worst habit?

Darren: Picking your face. Oh! and leaving spoons on the counter after you’ve made coffee.

Megan: Waking the baby.

Who wears the pants in the relationship?

Darren: You.

If you could get rid of one thing that belongs to me what would it be?

Darren: All your clothes. Why? Then you have to walk around naked. You’re not taking this very seriously.

Megan: Your mouth mould. WOW, Okay, I love that thing. It’s nice to know how you really feel.

Who is the better cook?

Darren: You.

Megan: You.  

What do we argue the most about?

Darren: Stupid shit that annoys you.

Megan: Where we are eating, going, and doing.

What was our last argument about?

Darren: OMG…. *thinks* I wanted to give you my headset.

Megan: You told me I am not quirky.

Who is more affectionate?

Megan: You.

Darren: Me.

What is something that you enjoy doing with me?

Darren: Watching series and movies, going out, working, I kind of like doing everything I do with you.

Megan: Parenting, marriage… life!

Who is the more romantic one?

Megan: Me.

Who is the funny one?

Darren: Me. Actually, both of us.

Megan: Me. Obviously.

Who is more outgoing?

Darren: Neither of us.

What is the best gift I have ever gotten for you?

Megan: Our boys.

What is something I cannot live without?

Darren: Coffee.

Megan: Boobs.

Use one word to describe Me?

Darren: Insane.

Megan: Troll.

What is my best personality trait?

Darren: Your determination.

Megan: Your humour.

Who is more likely to get into a fight?

Darren: You. Every. Single. Day. Of. The. Week.
Who is more likely to start a fight? You. Who is more likely to end a fight? You.
Who is more likely to turn a nice moment into a fight? You.

What is your nickname for me?

Darren: Jelly

Megan: D or Babe

Thanks babe for being such a sport and answering all my questions. You’re my favourite human and troll! I hope you guys enjoyed reading our Q&A – if you’d like us to do more of these, let me know in the comments below!

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