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My 2017 Parenting Favourites

One of the best things to happen in 2017 was becoming a mom all over again. When asked about Eli, I can only describe him as the calm I never knew I needed. Although the gap between Axl and Eli is only three years, I am always left amazed to find just how many new and innovative products have since been launched to make a new mom’s life that much easier. I thought to end off my “Best of 2017” series, I’d share some of my favourite products that I discovered this year.


I probably sound like a stuck record whenever I speak about our Sleepyhead but it is, without a doubt, a product that I use daily – even 7 months later. The Sleepyhead provides a multi-functional solution for babies to enjoy sleeping, lounging, nappy changes and playing in their Sleepyhead pod. I have highlighted just how convenient it is, being able to move the pod from room to room, depending on where we are. It is also a perfect fit for our co-sleeper, which helps to keep Eli close by but still snug and safe in his own space, uninterrupted by us.

sophie la girafe - By Megan KellySophie la girafe

So many people have asked me about Sophie la girafe and why parents swear by the seemingly simple giraffe teether. Sophie la girafe is an award-winning teether that was first created in France. She has become so popular that 99% of French babies have a Sophie teether, and she ranks as the bestselling baby product on in America. She is handmade from 100% natural rubber and food quality paint and is BPA and phthalates free. Sophie la girafe is the safest baby toy and is cleverly designed to stimulate all 5 senses while being the perfect size for tiny hands to grip and hold while her soft texture and chewable parts (ears, horns, legs), makes her ideal for soothing your baby’s sore gums.

Baby Bullet South Africa - By Megan KellyBaby Bullet

When I was first sent the Baby Bullet for reviewing, I was scared that it would land up going unused for months like many of my other kitchen gadgets, but I am quite surprised by just how often I end up using it! I especially like being able to conveniently make Eli fresh baby food that is not only more nutritional, affordable and easy to make, but also gives me peace of mind knowing exactly what is in his food, unlike jarred baby food which has a shelf life of up to 3 years and is packed with  preservatives, fillers, sugars, and salts. The Baby Bullet is unique as it is made specifically for the preparation and storage of baby foods, so that no matter how manic your lifestyle, you are still able to create delicious and healthy food for your baby, packed with nutrients.

Kulala Baba Organic Hammock

As you probably know by now, I work from home which means making the most of naptimes and getting stuff done. It isn’t always easy, especially when I have a toddler who seems hell bent on interrupting those all-so important nap times. Thankfully, I have installed our Kulala Baba organic hammock to hang right by my office desk, helping to make naptimes last a little longer. Kulala Baba offer tailor-made Hammocks that are made from organic, natural and sustainable materials to provide your baby with a safe, comfortable and secure environment to peacefully sleep. I love that the hammock acts as a cocoon, sheltering Eli from loud noises and bouncing and swaying whenever he stirs from a nap.

Cherubs Classic Toddler and Toilet Training Wipes

I have tried just about every brand of wet wipes in the last 3 or 4 years and nothing compares to Cherubs’ Classic Toddler and Toilet Training Wipes. I am so tired of wipes that cling to each other, tear or that require me using half the pack to clean up one messy diaper. Cherubs’ offer quality wipes that are gentle on the skin, while still being firm and great for cleaning up even the biggest poo-namis, while leaving skin feeling soft. They are also flushable and eco-friendly, great for both toddlers and babies.

Huggies Nappy Pants

When Eli turned 3 months old, I made the change to Huggies Nappy Pants as he had become a wriggly little worm and it was important that I didn’t restrict his movement. The Huggies Nappy Pants are just as absorbent as your regular open nappy, but they are designed to fit like underwear; giving babies the freedom to wriggle, crawl, climb and roll more easily, enabling them to explore and learn about the world around them. Eli is constantly moving, and changing his nappy can become quite messy, so it is important that I choose a nappy that conveniently pulls up instead of having to fiddle around with velcro straps and failing to get a good fit which results in leaks. The Huggies Nappy Pants ticks all the boxes for us!

Nuby Breethe-Eez Review - By Megan Kelly

Nuby Breathe-Eez Nasal Aspirator

Nuby’s Breathe-Eez Aspirator is one of those items that I was a little hesitant to try at first, but honestly, it is one of the best products that you can buy for a new mom! Newborns are prone to experiencing a congested nose which often affects how they sleep. Thankfully, after a long night, I remembered that we had the travel-friendly Nuby Nasal Aspirator that gently sucks any blockages right out with ease, leaving your baby to peacefully sleep uninterrupted.


Admittedly, this seemed like an odd addition to my list, but it felt wrong not mentioning Checkers and just how much I have loved shopping their baby essentials, this last year. I have found the most incredible budget-friendly products that range from daily necessities like nappies, cream, and wipes, to bigger items that include our high chair and co-sleeper cot. I also really love their bags of mixed veg that are great for making your own batches of baby food, ideal if you have a Baby Bullet. They’re my first stop for all things baby, saving me money time and time again!

And that rounds up my favourite parenting products of 2017. What are some of your favourite products that help to make life as a parent just a little bit easier?

I am the creator behind By Megan Kelly, mom of two boys, named Axl (4-years old) and Eli (1-year old), and local business owner of Dr. Design. I live on copious amounts of coffee, spend my free time listening to podcasts while I garden or journal, and really enjoy baking fresh treats for my family. On the weekends, you’ll likely find me exploring our local city, looking for new family-friendly places for our kids, but that’s only if I am not already shouting at the soccer on TV. I support Tottenham and enjoy pretending to know what  I am doing in the Fantasy League, but really I am just in it for the laughs. I can be bribed with chocolate and will never admit to having too much makeup – although, I probably do.

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  • Sharon Wilkinson
    Posted at 15:26h, 02 February

    So great to hear about the flushable Cherubs wipes. Great review, thank you.

    • Megan Kelly
      Posted at 23:40h, 03 February

      Glad you enjoyed the review! They’re definitely a winner!