LG Sapience Top Loader with Smart Inverter Review - By Megan Kelly

How I Conquered the Laundry Pile with LG


When you have children, you don’t really take into consideration that everything increases. I mean, you do – sure, expenses increase – but you don’t think of things like needing to upgrade your home appliances to keep up with your bigger family, well, at least I didn’t.

When Darren and I first moved into a place together, we settled on getting the smallest and most affordable washing machine. Soon after, we added to our family and welcomed Axl who caused our pile of laundry to increase significantly, but our washing machine seemed to keep up quite nicely. Fast forward 3 years later and we have added another little person to our family, and between the toddler and our newborn, the washing machine has soon become a constant hum in the background, only to find that very often it doesn’t even seem to clean properly.

LG contacted me a few months ago, and asked if I wanted to try their new 17kg Sapience Top Loader with Smart Inverter. I hopelessly glanced over at my never-ending laundry pile and figured it couldn’t hurt to try a new home appliance – I mean, if anything, it was much MUCH bigger!

It’s been a month since receiving my LG Top Loader and the holiday season proved to be the perfect time to test it out, especially as I had family visiting.

I am going to go out on a limb and say that I didn’t expect such a significant difference going from a 13kg washing machine to 17kg, but I was mistaken! From having to do at least a load a day (sometimes 2 or even 3) I am down to only doing 1 load ever second day or 3 loads per week.

Besides its impressive size, the 17kg LG Sapience Top Loader has a few outstanding features to boast, with one of my favourite being the Energy Saving with Smart Inverter Control. We live 35 minutes from town, and often experience power outages. It can be frustrating putting on a load of washing before going out, just to come home and find that there had been a power outage causing the washing machine to stop somewhere between the cycle and having to restart from the beginning, wasting water and electricity. However, with my new LG Top Loader, whenever the power is turned off due to a power failure, it automatically restarts from the position it stopped.

Another energy saving feature is that even if the power cord is plugged in while the power of the washing machine is off, very little electricity will run through the washer. The result is that you don’t have to worry about wasting electricity. In fact, using the LG Sapience Top Loader with Smart Inverter can save up to 36% in energy, when compared to their conventional washing machine.

I noted that even though we had a lot of family visiting, who needed their laundry done, there was no increase in electricity usage (we have pre-paid electricity, making it easy to track). I suspect that with everything returning to normal in the coming week, our electricity usage will decrease from before.

I mentioned that my previous washing machine didn’t seem to leave clothes looking (or smelling) clean anymore and as I am sure you already know, newborn babies and toddler boys can be quite messy! Well, dirt, poo-namis and even the toughest grime is no match for LG’s TurboDrum. Most washing machines have a fixed drum but LG’s TuroDrum enables the most powerful wash with the combination of their unique rotating drum and pulsator, which work in opposite directions.

At the bottom of the drum, you can see the pulsators – there is the main one at the center and 3 mini pulsators – this is called Punch +3 which works to create powerful streams of water that mix laundry up and down repeatedly for even washing.

Best of all, LG have recognized that no two fabrics are the same and have created Smart Motion which offers 3 different kinds of motions to optimize washing by fabric type. The ‘Agitating’ motion gives fabrics a powerful wash, while the ‘Rotating’ motion keeps fabrics tangle-free, and the ‘Swing’ motion gives fabric a delicate wash.

LG’s Sapience Top Loader with Smart Inverter also eliminates the need to pre-wash clothes by hand, to remove tough stains. Once I had started introducing solids into Eli’s diet, none of his clothes seemed to escape the inevitable staining caused from eating carrots, butternut and pumpkin. The only way to save his clothes was to pre-wash them by hand. But LG have an Auto Pre Wash function which alternates between the ‘Agitating’ motion and Soaking, for 2 minutes at a time, for a total of 8 minutes.

Another feature which I found surprisingly helpful as a mom, was that the Smart Inverter Motor minimizes noise and vibration levels. At first, I thought that I was just imagining the fact that our new washing machine was so much softer, but after reading up on it, I learnt that the sound level of our LG Top Loader was a mere 45 decibels, falling between the sound level of a library (40 dB) and an office (55 dB). This is especially great if you like putting on a load of washing before going to bed, or in my case, don’t want to wake the baby!

As for the mechanical side of sings, the LG Sapience range comes with Smart Diagnosis which helps to diagnose and troubleshoot mechanical issues, limiting costly and inconvenient service visits. The LG Smart Inverter Motor also comes with a 10-year motor warranty for your peace of mind.

Overall, since receiving our LG’s 17kg Sapience Top Loader with Smart Inverter I spend less time doing laundry and more time with my family.

Desperate to see the end of your laundry pile? Check out the LG Sapience Smart Inverter and find out where you can get yours, here. There is a 13kg, 15kg and of course, the 17kg which are all available in white or silver. Be sure to check #LGSmartInverter on social media to learn more about the range.

I am the creator behind By Megan Kelly, mom of two boys, named Axl (4-years old) and Eli (1-year old), and local business owner of Dr. Design. I live on copious amounts of coffee, spend my free time listening to podcasts while I garden or journal, and really enjoy baking fresh treats for my family. On the weekends, you’ll likely find me exploring our local city, looking for new family-friendly places for our kids, but that’s only if I am not already shouting at the soccer on TV. I support Tottenham and enjoy pretending to know what  I am doing in the Fantasy League, but really I am just in it for the laughs. I can be bribed with chocolate and will never admit to having too much makeup – although, I probably do.

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  • An Ordinary Gal
    Posted at 10:26h, 23 January

    In winter I plan to use the air dry function a bit more. The level it goes to with regular washing is already amazing, so I can’t wait to use the ‘higher level’ of air dry. With the cloth nappies especially in winter, this will be a lifesaver. Great review!

    • Megan Kelly
      Posted at 08:57h, 24 January

      Thank you! I love the air-dry functionality – it adds quite a bit of time, but it’s really great for rainy days.

  • Maz
    Posted at 22:09h, 22 January

    This looks INSANE!!! I need a new washing machine so badly – we have had ours since we moved in together, and it was second hand back then, lol. One day when I am all grown up. And it is so pretty!

    Great review, as always.

    • Megan Kelly
      Posted at 08:58h, 24 January

      It is amazing! It also looks so good that I feel the pressure to redo my kitchen lol!