Baby Bullet South Africa - By Megan Kelly

[CLOSED] Baby Bullet – Worth the hype (and price)?

Baby Bullet South Africa - By Megan KellyI won’t lie, I am a mom of convenience. I use disposable nappies and wet wipes instead of cloth diapers for the same reason that I feed my child jars of baby food – convenience. I just don’t have the time to make organic and fresh baby food… well, that’s what I thought.

The Baby Bullet was recently launched in South Africa, creating chatter among moms. In fact, since being sent mine, it has been the most requested blog post and constantly floods my inbox.

I have been documenting my experience with the Baby Bullet on Instastories but in case you have missed it, here’s some background: Following their success, the same people who brought us the NutriBullet have recently launched their latest product called the Baby Bullet which provides the perfect solution for busy parents who want to give their kids the best start.

Homemade baby food is more nutritional, affordable and easy to make with the Baby Bullet. It also gives parents peace of mind knowing exactly what is in your baby’s food, unlike jarred baby food which has a shelf life of up to 3 years and is packed with preservatives, fillers, sugars, and salts.

The Baby Bullet comes in a 22-piece set which includes:

  • Power Base
  • Cross Blade – used for chopping, blending and puréeing foods such as fruits, vegetables, and meats
  • Flat Blade – used for milling hard foods like rice, oats and other grains
  • Batch Bowl (holds about 900g of baby food)
  • 2 x Short Cups (each holds about 340g of baby food)
  • 2 x Stay-Fresh Lids
  • Spatula
  • 2 x Freezer Trays
  • 2 x Freezer Tray Lids
  • 6 x Date Dial Storage Cups (each holds about 60g of baby food)
  • Storage Tray
  • User Manual & Recipe book
  • Pocket Nutritionist

The Baby Bullet is entirely unique in comparison to the NutriBullet (a question that I get asked, A LOT!) as it has been made specifically for the preparation and storage of baby foods. The idea is that no matter how manic your lifestyle, you are still able to create delicious and healthy food for your baby, packed with nutrients.

The notable differences between the NutriBullet and Baby Bullet is that the use of a smaller motor means that it doesn’t pulverize, which allows you to manage the texture of the food based on your baby’s weaning stage, whereas The NutriBullet only blends to smoothie consistency. Another convenience factor is that the batch bowl of the Baby Bullet can take hot foods, whereas the NutriBullet can’t.

I will be honest – I figured it would be quite the schlep to make baby food myself and I actually went a week without opening the package, putting the idea off entirely! But I was so wrong and have found the process to be quite therapeutic, rewarding, and enjoyable.

It takes me all of 20 minutes to prepare 2-4 weeks’ worth of baby food, which costs around R35-R70. When compared to the usual store-bought jarred baby food, I am saving around R700+ per month which means that within 2 months I have already made my money back by using the Baby Bullet instead of store-bought baby foods – quite impressive!

Baby Bullet South Africa - By Megan KellyWhat I really liked about the Baby Bullet is that the set includes the tools and everything that I needed to know to get started. It wasn’t as if they just gave me another kitchen gadget and hoped for the best. The resources included everything from recipe ideas, getting the correct consistency for Eli’s weaning stage, how to choose the freshest products, tips for storage and even how to identify signs that Eli was ready for solids.Baby Bullet South Africa - By Megan Kelly

At the beginning of the week, I usually make Eli’s baby food. I start by steaming a few veggies in the microwave before pouring them straight into the batch bowl. Eli is still quite young, so I also pour the water that was used to steam in with the veg, to create a smooth consistency. Using the cross-blade, I blend the veg in our Baby Bullet until it’s smooth enough, and then dish it into our freezer storage trays, saving one batch to serve immediately for dinner. I usually make enough to fill 2 big batch bowls which will see me through over 2 weeks and takes less than 15-minutes to make.

I find the short cups to be quite convenient, especially when I am cutting fruit up for a lunch-time snack or even just cooking dinner for the family. With our Baby Bullet I often pop a few pieces of fruit into the short cup and blend to make a quick treat for Eli, or if I am making something like chicken and veg, I add a little serving into the Baby Bullet’s short cup, blend it up to a smoother consistency and let Eli enjoy dinner with us.

I will go out and say that this might just be one of my favourite products that I have been sent – I have so much fun trying new food combinations and love seeing Eli’s reaction to new flavours and foods. Something worth noting is that I can’t handle the taste, texture or look of jarred baby foods, but making Eli food myself has me tasting and licking the bowl clean. In fact, some of the flavour combinations that I have made for Eli have even prompted my husband asking if I can save a batch for him to eat with toast, because it smells THAT good! I have also used our Baby Bullet to make myself soup and smoothies, and recently used the flat blade to crush biscuits for the base of my tart.

I asked on Facebook what questions you had about the Baby Bullet and tried covering everything in this post. A lot of you had asked for my favourite flavour combinations which I promise to share in the next couple of weeks.

The recommended retail selling price for the Baby Bullet is R1599 and it comes with a 1-year warranty. For more information and stockists, visit


Baby Bullet have kindly collaborated with me, to give away a Baby Bullet 22-piece set. All you have to do is fill in the widget below to be entered to win. Terms and Conditions Apply.

Baby Bullet

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