Cheers to 2018!

Although we are already a week into the new year, my main goal for the year is to spend more time with my family which means taking a step back and making the most of family time. So, we spent the week enjoying our kids, binge-watching series and pretending that we didn’t still have work every evening. I lie, I was also sick during the first week – the sort of sick that keeps me in bed and forces me to take things slow.

To kick off the new year, I (my husband) redesigned my blog to modernise the look and feel. I got rid of all the stuff that nobody really uses and created a more user-friendly place for you to read, catch up and enjoy! Let me know what you think?

Every year, I sit and think about what I want from my blog and how I plan to achieve it. Looking back on last year’s notes, I was very much focused on The Mom’s Guide and making it a success – I wanted new moms to look to my platform, for help in choosing which products they should use for their little ones.

This year, my focus is growing on The Mom’s Guide concept, launching a new blog category and having more fun with my space.

About half-way through last year, I felt very frustrated and the only thing that was keeping my blog going was the fact that I had responsibilities to fulfil. I started reading my old blog posts and I realized that I was holding back in my new content – I wasn’t being me. I was so caught up in comparing myself and beating myself up for not being as successful as X,Y and Z that I forgot how great I was actually doing – or that I had just had a baby, started a new job, started a new business and somehow fitted blogging every day into that mix.

I went back to what I loved – some days, I would write a review on a single product, and on other days, I’d share stories and random facts about myself. There was no spin, no plan and sometimes, no point but I noticed that it was these blog posts that were doing the best, which reminded me that you’re here to read my words and thoughts, and not X, Y, or Z’s. I want to do more of this!

I also plan to launch something new on the blog – I am not going to give away too much as I still need to find the right partners, but I will say that it ties into parenting and is not something you typically see on other blogs – the topic is often considered taboo and people aren’t always comfortable discussing it. I hope to change that with the introduction of my new category and series. What do you think it could be?

Besides that, I want this space to continue to thrive, by being consistent, authentic and… me. Someone recently said that when they read my blog, they feel like they’re having coffee with a friend. It’s probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said, and I hope that one day it will be true for every one of you.

On a personal note, this year I want to be better at the juggle of being a mom, business owner and everything in between.

I have started using a second phone, primarily for work so that I can switch it off over the weekends – I can’t tell you how many times we get a call while we are out with family, on a Sunday, that someone’s website has crashed, or they deleted something they shouldn’t have. I can’t switch off – I worry about the client and not being able to help them immediately, and it sucks the joy out of whatever we are doing – so I am using a device that I can switch off and only use during our working hours.

I am also going to limit my social media over the weekends – I have been logging out of Twitter (my guilty pleasure) and don’t use Facebook much anyway. But I do like and will continue to use Instagram to share clips of our weekend or even to chat on Insta-Stories.

Speaking of Instagram, this year I have launched 2 series on my feed. The first being #MyWeeklyWin, which will be posted every Friday and encourages you to share the big and small victories of the week. To be honest, I am so tired of ending a year and thinking, “we survived – that’s what matters.” Because we do more than survive and although the year may have felt like a massive weight, we do have things that are worth celebrating. So, at the end of each week, I will be sharing my weekly wins and I’d love to hear some of yours too!

The second series is called #52Faces. Throughout last year, I received requests to continue my previous #365BeautyTips series where I shared daily tips and tricks. I am so glad to have completed the series, but it was a massive commitment and I don’t have that sort of time anymore, however, I wanted to let you know that I do hear you. So, sometime last year I came up with the idea of #52Faces, where I will be sharing a makeup look once a week, list all the products that I used and answer any of your questions. I will also be taking requests, so if you’ve been wondering how to rock neon eyeshadow, bold blue lip s or how to get dewy fresh skin, comment with your requests and questions on this week’s post and I’ll include it in the series.

You can follow me on Instagram, here.

I also encouraged Lydia to do a series called #52Places. I love her Instagram feed and the snaps of her life, so I hoped that she’d make a series of it, sharing a small glimpse of where she might be this week. You can follow her series over here.

This year I have a lot of growing to do – both personally and professionally. I would love our business to flourish so that I can continue doing what I love to do, by helping businesses realize their full potential through digital marketing. There are a few personal things that I want to work on like overcoming my post-partum anxiety, dealing with my depression which is often induced by outside influences and learning to value myself. I will be making a few health changes too by creating healthier habits.

I think that sums up my year – what do you plan to achieve in 2018? Have any big plans?

I am the creator behind By Megan Kelly, mom of two boys, named Axl (4-years old) and Eli (1-year old), and local business owner of Dr. Design. I live on copious amounts of coffee, spend my free time listening to podcasts while I garden or journal, and really enjoy baking fresh treats for my family. On the weekends, you’ll likely find me exploring our local city, looking for new family-friendly places for our kids, but that’s only if I am not already shouting at the soccer on TV. I support Tottenham and enjoy pretending to know what  I am doing in the Fantasy League, but really I am just in it for the laughs. I can be bribed with chocolate and will never admit to having too much makeup – although, I probably do.

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  • Mariska Goussard
    Posted at 10:21h, 09 January

    I love the new look! So clean and fresh! Wishing you a happy and successful 2018 to you and cannot wait to read all your new content xx

    • Megan Kelly
      Posted at 21:45h, 09 January

      Thank you Mariska!

  • Kerry
    Posted at 17:17h, 08 January

    Love the new blog. Also enjoyed this post and can’t wait to see what you achieve this year. X