Clarins Makeup Tutorial - By Megan Kelly

[CLOSED] Glam Makeup Tutorial for Christmas

The festive season has arrived and with it, comes a calendar filled with Christmas events like staff parties, family dinners and more! What better excuse to get glammed up and rock a classic-red lip with liner and bold lashes. Not quite sure how to pull off the look, yourself? Don’t worry, I share exactly how to get the look.


Your makeup routine starts at your skincare regimen – remember to cleanse and exfoliate your skin before you start applying makeup, to help improve any texture and remove dead skin cells. Finish your skincare routine with a hydrating serum like Clarins Double Serum which improves the skin’s natural radiance and ensures that your makeup applies smoothly.

For the sake of keeping this tutorial short, I had already applied my foundation and filled in my brows. A good tip is that for special occasions, use the makeup that you already know works well with your skin. Often, we want to pick up a foundation that seems better because others really love it – but that doesn’t mean that the formula will work just as well for you, consider that there are differences in skin texture, shades and type. You might even prefer a dewy finish where the foundation everyone is hyping is matte – trust me, go with what you know!

Next, I used the Clarins’ Limited Edition Bronzing and Blush Compact to warm up my face around my forehead, cheeks and nose. I prefer not to go in too heavy with bronzer, as the main focus of this look is the eyes, and a bold lip. Using the Clarins’ Palette Contour Visage, I added more definition to the shallows of my cheeks, and popped blush to the apples, before blending it all out. Lastly, for my face, I used the highlight on the tops of my cheeks, nose and forehead. Remember that this highlight shade gives a subtle glow – not blinding, in anyway – just brightening.


For my eyes, I didn’t want to jump around between palettes and kept in mind that you might be travelling so wanted to use a palette that is compact and versatile. I settled on Clarins’ 4-Colour Eyeshadow Palette in 01 Nude.

This quad is a must-have for your handbag! Dressed in an elegant gold compact, the 4 shades can be worn wet or dry, and can be used to create a wide array of looks that range from more wearable everyday looks, to glamourous smokey looks.

I started the look by applying the second shade to the crease of my eye and buffing out. Next, I packed on the third shade, jumping back between the second and third to create a seamless blend. I then used a pencil brush to apply the fourth shade in a v shape to darken the end of my crease and lid, before going back to my original eyeshadow brush to blend and add a little more colour each time. It’s entirely up to you – you could stop there, or you can add more colour each time – I decided to go quite dramatic, after all it’s only Christmas once a year! To brighten up the look, I used my finger to pack on the first shade from the palette, around the inner corner and middle of my lid.

To complete the eye look, I used the Clarins’ 3-Dot Eyeliner – easily the best liquid liner on the market! Especially for beginners or someone who struggles to apply liquid liner. I lined the bottom of my waterline using the brown pencil from the Clarins’ 4-Colour All-in-One Pen, blending it out with a pencil brush and the fourth eyeshadow from the palette. A quick swipe of mascara and my eyes are done!


For my lips, I chose a bright and festive red from Clarins’ Joli Rouge range, in the shade 754 Deep Red. I also dipped my finger in the first shade from the eyeshadow palette to brighten the center of my bottom lip, making my lips appear bigger and fuller.

Once I was happy with my look, I finished and sealed the deal with Clarins’ Fix Make-Up spray which hydrates and makes your makeup last all night long!

Blogmas Competition

Clarins have kindly collaborated with me this Blogmas, to give away a makeup hamper valued at over R1,000. All you have to do is fill in the widget below to be entered to win. Remember that by entering, you also stand the chance of winning the grand prize of a combined hamper that includes all 15 Blogmas prizes. To learn more about Blogmas, read here.

Blogmas – Clarins

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