[CLOSED] 3 Essentials for Dewy Looking Skin

mama mio superstar in a jar - By Megan Kelly

The holiday season is busy, and it’s not always possible (or practical in this heat) to do a full face of makeup. A good idea is to keep a few products in your handbag that is versatile enough to create a quick on-the-go look, that can also be dressed up with a pop of colour. This season, I am all for fresh dewy skin, a swipe of mascara and a glossy lip.

Here are three essentials to achieving the effortless dewy look:

Mama Mio’s Superstar in a Jar

Mama Mio’s Superstar in a Jar is a year-round must-have, that moisturizes, heals, and leaves skin feeling and looking revitalised. Remember that the secret to healthy looking skin is a moisturizer that leaves your skin looking nourished, plump and glowy. Mama Mio’s Superstar in a Jar can be used in a variety of ways, including on your face, lips, elbows, knees, hands, nails and cuticles, heels, or as a makeup remover. You can even use a clean spoolie and a little Superstar in a Jar to tame wild brows and control frizzy ends or edges to hair.

Mii Cosmetics’ Sublime Skin Illuminator

For that extra radiant look, the Mii Cosmetics Sublime Skin Illuminator uses light-reflective pigments, to add a silky sheen to skin. The result is a beautiful pearlescent glow that can be worn on its own or mixed in with your usual BB Cream or foundation for more coverage. The Sublime Skin Illuminator is suitable for different skin tones and can be used to add a subtle glow to your face or body, perfect for beach parties!

Mii Cosmetics Shimmering Lip Sheen

Matte lips are great and all, but nothing looks better than a fresh juicy lip complete your dewy summer makeup look. Mii Cosmetics Shimmering Lip Sheen has a variety of shades to suit your mood. Their formula gives all the sparkle without any stickiness and includes holographic particles to give lips a 3D, making them appear fuller. The addition of active ingredients leaves your lips feeling moisturized and soft (cue the mistletoe!)

mama mio superstar in a jar - By Megan Kelly

Get the look!

To shop these and other Poise brands, head over to their newly launched online store. You can also sign up for their newsletter and stand the chance of winning something. Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get the latest news, special offers and learn more about their growing range.

Blogmas Competition

Poise Brands and Mama Mio Skincare have kindly collaborated with me this Blogmas, to giveaway a Superstar in a Jar to the value of R450. All you have to do is fill in the widget below to be entered to win. Remember that by entering, you also stand the chance of winning the grand prize of a combined hamper that includes all 15 Blogmas prizes. To learn more about Blogmas, read here.

Blogmas – Mio Skincare

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