LG NeoChef Review - By Megan Kelly

Cooking Simplified for Busy Moms

LG NeoChef Review - By Megan KellyI hardly ever cook – it’s not that I dislike cooking, I actually really enjoy it, but juggling three jobs, a 5-month old and a toddler, often means that my husband is left to cook us dinner. I am sure that most moms find themselves wishing for a simpler way to cook nutritious meals, that doesn’t require hours of slaving over the stove and better yet, doesn’t need much cleaning up.

A few months ago, my friends at LG reached out and asked if I’d try the LG NeoChef, with claims that it was much more than just your average microwave. I looked up at my current microwave, (“Chef Mic” as Ramsey would call it) and agreed that while it had a good life, it was looking rather tired and worn down – maybe even abused? In fact, our old microwave wasn’t even cooking or warming food anymore, it was just a fancy-looking digital clock, taking up lots of space.

When you hear “microwave,” you don’t expect much more than a kitchen appliance that can heat your food or warm up a forgotten cup of coffee, so I don’t feel that I was quite prepared to be as impressed by the LG NeoChef as I genuinely am. In fact, I am so blown away by what its capable of that I struggled to decide what I wanted to write about it first. So, I thought I’d share a few of the features that I love the most, with a few recipe posts and cooking tips to follow in the coming weeks.

Can we redesign the kitchen, to match the microwave?

Have you ever got bought something that looks so pretty that you feel that everything around it needs an upgrade? I felt that way about our pram – like, we needed a new wardrobe to match its fanciness. Haha!

Well, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that the reason for painting my kitchen recently, was to help update the look so that my new LG NeoChef didn’t end up sticking out like a piece of modern art hidden at the back of a general convenience store. Sleek, minimal, and intuitive sums up the design and feel of the LG NeoChef perfectly.LG NeoChef Review - By Megan Kelly

Whose turn is it to clean the microwave?

I HATE having to clean my microwave! It seems that no matter how hard I try, the darn thing is never clean – there’s always a stubborn spill, splash or splatter that just won’t go away. Ever try heating up Bolognaise? It’s messy, guys! LG’s NeoChef has an Anti-Bacterial Coating which helps to resists stains and buildup. The best part is that you just need to wipe it with a damp cloth—no chemicals or scrubbing! It’s that simple.

Say no to overcooked edges and frozen centres

I can’t tell you how often I forget to take something out for dinner. I wake up, start working, feed the kids, put them down for naps, play with them, do some more work, answer emails and before I know it, it’s time to make dinner, but flip! I forgot to take something out for my husband to cook.

This is my worst and I especially hate having to defrost something in the microwave! Is it just me or do they only come with two settings; not defrosted at all and overcooked with a frozen centre? Well, LG’s NeoChef has changed that. At first, I thought that it was just my imagination but the more I use my NeoChef, the more I see that it really does help to evenly defrost your foods, thanks to LG’s Smart Inverter technology.

Take the guesswork out of cooking

Give me a baby, and I can usually guess what’s wrong, but guessing how long to cook food? I am horrendous! That’s why my favourite feature of the LG NeoChef is the available menu options. With my last microwave, I was told it could do some rad things but after losing the manual, I was lost and had forgotten the different functions, so it was basically reduced to on / off and defrost. But LG are all about smart designs and boy, are they smart! When you look at the LG NeoChef, you see nothing more than a microwave oven, (albeit a beautiful and sleek looking one), but open the door, and you’ll find a variety of pre-programmed meals that you can cook, using your microwave. To answer your question moms, yes, they have a pre-programmed function for defrosting and cooking frozen nuggets (it’s 3-3, for reference). I also like that you can roast veggies, cook Jacket Potatoes, frozen pizzas, lasagne, babotie, soften ice-cream, melt chocolate and wait for it… it can even make healthy, lactobacilli-infused yoghurt which I am yet to try.LG NeoChef Review - By Megan Kelly

It’s one thing saying that the LG NeoChef is pre-programmed to cook these meals, but the real question is how accurate is the feature? Well, a few nights ago, I decided to make jacket potatoes and was sure that the centres would be hard – but much to my surprise and amazement – they were perfect! This result has been consistent in all of my trials, my favourite being that it turns frozen nuggets into crispy, perfectly cooked ones. I mean, I am prone to forgetting nuggets in the oven – or not turning them! Which is another rad feature – my LG NeoChef sings when it’s time for me to turn the nuggets and sings again when they’re done!

Cooking for the whole family made simple

So, there’s no denying that I love, love, LOVE my new LG NeoChef. It features loads of convenient features and while it is stylishly compact, it is also designed to accommodate large and tall dishes allowing you to cook for the whole family in one quick step. Its innovative hexagonal turntable ensures stability, while the energy efficient interior LED lamp lets you monitor the entire cooking process. Best of all, I am able to cook nutritious and healthy meals that are convenient, allowing me to get it all done; juggling kids, work and life, without compromising on the importance of family mealtimes.

Have you heard of the LG NeoChef, what’s your favourite feature and would you like to see some of the meals (and baked treats) I have made using it?

I am Megan Kelly, the creator behind By Megan Kelly, mom of two boys, named Axl and Eli, and local business owner providing digital marketing solutions. I live on copious amounts of coffee, can be bribed with chocolate and will never admit to having too much makeup – although, I probably do.

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