Our Budget loves these Shops

Budget Baby Essentials - By Megan KellyI often get emails and DMs asking me for some tips and asking where we shop to stay on budget, so thought that I might start covering it on the blog. I am by no means the savviest shopper – I splurge on all sorts of things that I know I don’t need, but there are certain things that I have picked up over the years that keeps us well within our budget. To kick things off, I thought that I’d share a few shops that we frequent for all things baby.


I talk about Checkers on my social platforms all the time, so this one should come as no surprise! We choose to do our weekly shop at Checkers because they’re super affordable and have everything under one roof. Checkers is truly a new parent’s hidden gem, stocking everything from the most delicious convenient meals for when you don’t have the time or energy, to baby essentials like clothes, nappies, wipes, toiletries and even the bigger baby items like cots, play pens, and feeding chairs. One of my favourite finds from Checkers has been our co-sleeper which retails for R1,499. Last week, I also purchased our IKEA-style feeding chair for under R400, and have plans to purchase a play pen too. Checkers also stocks a wide variety of baby toys from the brands that we love, including Playgro, Bright Stars, Fisher Price and OBall, and have their own budget-friendly brand called Jolly Tots which offers an extensive range of baby essentials.

Checkers also offers a Baby Club section on their website, where they have expert advice and really cool recipes, crafts and so much more. See here.

Babies R Us

Although I don’t shop at Babies R Us all that often, they are my first choice when looking for new toys, especially play-time equipment. Babies R Us have an in-house brand called Bounce which often offers popular toys like rockers, bouncers, play mats and even travel systems at a fraction of the price. It’s super weird but popular and more established brands will be selling a 3-in-1 rocker for R3,500 and right next to it, is the Bounce offering that is R1,200. Also, I like that they offer online shopping which makes looking for Christmas and Birthday gifts really easy for busy moms. I often go through their online catalogue looking for new toys and exciting things and love how extensive their range is.


It is obvious that this beauty obsessed mommy is always popping in at Clicks, so it doesn’t hurt that they have a super cool brand called Clicks Made for Baby which includes everything from nappies, wipes, clothes, bottles, dummies, toiletries and more. The range has grown significantly since having Axl, and continues to impress me with their products that offer cute branding, great quality and all at affordable prices. Better yet, Clicks often have a 3 for 2 special on baby products which is great for stocking up on things like wipes and Sudocrem.


When you have kids, it seems silly to spend R150 per onesie when they’re just going to outgrow it, or worse, stain it with poop. I started shopping at PEP for my eldest when I saw just how many different clothes they have featuring Disney and Nickelodeon characters. Anywhere else, you can expect to pay R250-R400 for a shirt that has Cars or Dusty Crophopper printed on, but at PEP it is usually around R69 – R99. Now, I do all the kids’ shopping there (and even some of my own!)  R1000 might not get you much anywhere else, but when you’re buying shirts and shorts that are R25 – R50 each, it’s easy to walk away with a season’s worth of clothes, without having to rob a bank!

And that rounds up my favourite shops when you’re a parent living life on a budget. Tell me some of your best places to shop in the comments below, and let me know if you’d like to see more posts with budget saving tips and tricks.  

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  • Candice
    Posted at 10:42h, 06 November

    I love shopping at Pep for my boy & agree I don’t see the point in spending R150 on something they outgrow so quickly. With no.2 on the way I’ve already browsed their baby section to see what I can get my hands on ?

    • Megan Kelly
      Posted at 21:14h, 11 November

      I love the baby section – they’re so affordable that I often buy 2 of things in different sizes so that we have our favourites for when he gets older too!