ColourPop SHE palette review - By Megan Kelly

10-Minute Tutorial for Everyday Glow

How to get glowy everyday skin - By Megan KellyHaving dry skin, I try to avoid matte foundations as they seem to cling to every dry patch and look sort of cakey by the end of the day. That being said, I have been loving the look of fresh dewy skin and thought that I’d share my 10-minute makeup routine to getting a glowy look that I like to rock every day.

Before putting any makeup on my face, I make sure to start the day with my usual skin routine. All the products that I use are targeted at dehydrated skin, so my skin is adequately hydrated to begin with.

To start, I use the La Roche-Posay Comfort BB Cream SPF50, which is a hydrating face cream that offers high sun protection and a subtle tint in a single step. This BB Cream provides a low-coverage, great for making your skin look even-toned.

Next, I use the Wet n Wild Photo Focus Concealer to brighten the area under my eyes, where I typically have dark circles. This concealer is medium coverage, so works well to cover any blemishes that the BB Cream fails to do.

As always, I use my KleanColour Brow Pencil to fill in my brows. I am not quite sure what I am going to do when this pencil finishes – it’s one of my best budget finds!

To warm my face and give my skin the illusion of actually getting some sun, I use the Clarins Bronzer from their 2017 Sunkissed Summer Collection and apply it using the UBU #16 Powder Brush. I have gushed about this bronzer in a previous review, so it should come as no surprise that it is my daily go to. The UBU #16 Powder Brush is new to my collection but has very quickly become a favourite for setting powders or bronzing, as it’s big, soft and great for blending away harsh lines.

Next, I spray my fanned brush with the La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water, before dipping into my Wet n Wild Megaglo highlighter to highlight the tops of my cheeks, nose and below my brows. Not that this highlighter needs to be intensified, but by spraying the fan brush beforehand, you help pick up more of the product and it melts better into the skin, creating a blinding glow without any harsh powder lines. Wet n Wild have definitely earned their rank as having one of the best drugstore highlighters of all time and it’s no wonder that these are selling out so fast!

For my eyes, I usually keep things quite simple while I am at home or running errands by just dipping my finger into the first eyeshadow that I find, and swiping it over my lid before applying the Essence Volume Stylist Mascara. (On the day of taking these photos, I was a little extra with the eye-shadow as I was writing my review for the ColourPop SHE palette). This mascara though, easily one the best that I have discovered this year and DEFINITELY my all-time budget mascara. I have said this before and honestly, I can’t say enough nice things about it – but you just need it. Okay?

To finish the look, I use the Clarins Lip Comfort Oils for juicy, glossy lips that don’t stick together but still give you that glossy shine. These are a firm favourite and in fact, I can never have enough of them!

Lastly, I use the La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water to set my makeup. This will not help make my makeup last any longer than usual, but just helps all the powdered products to sink better into the skin, making it look more natural.

And that’s it! My quick, simple guide to getting dewy, glowy skin.

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