Kahve Coffee Scrub - By Megan Kelly

Wake up your skin with KAHVE Skin

Who doesn’t love coffee? Well, I can confidently say that I love coffee more than most, so much so that I would roll in it if I could. From the aroma to the way it re-energizes me after a late night of work, coffee is my go to. My caffeine dreams have been brewed into reality, with the introduction of KAHVE Skin, a local coffee scrub range that promises to be the sexiest scrub yet.

With the seasons transitioning and the warmer months upon us, it’s only normal to start eyeing out cute dresses, shorts and swimming costumes, but if winter has left you feeling less confident about your skin, it may be time to crack out a body scrub like KAHVE Skin.

KAHVE (Turkish, for coffee) was inspired by the benefits of coffee and matcha and embraces the antioxidant and healing properties of nature’s finest ingredients. Two Capetonians took a brave step into the cosmetic industry and designed and manufactured their scrubs in South Africa from the eco-friendliest ingredients and practices, thus introducing KAHVE Skin.

KAHVE Skin has introduced two scrubs, namely their Revive scrub which is coffee and matcha and their Enliven scrub which is a delicious blend of coffee and cinnamon, each retailing for R280 from their online store which includes free delivery within South Africa.

Their packaging is very simple and keeps with the trend of buying coffee from a roastery, in black resealable packets which are wrapped in a material bag. I personally like the simplicity of their branding and am excited to see how their range evolves with time.

I received their Enliven Scrub which is the coffee and cinnamon variant, described as a morning scrub to leave skin feeling energized and invigorated. I have been seeing a lot of new coffee scrubs popping up, which made me wonder that sure, the scent is great but what are the benefits of coffee for your skin, anyway?

Using a coffee scrub not only helps exfoliate your skin and boosts collagen production but it is also known to help reduce cellulite by stimulating blood flow which minimizes the appearance of cellulite and tightens the skin. Some home remedies even suggest combining plain yoghurt and a tablespoon of coffee and applying to a freshly washed face, for a mask that will promote your glowing complexion or if you’re prone to getting puffy eyes, try making coffee ice cubes and trace a single ice cube over your face to reduce puffiness and reveal brighter looking skin. The addition of cinnamon to the KAHVE Enliven scrub means that you’re taking full advantage of the antioxidant properties that cinnamon offers, promoting a radiant and healthy complexion.

I have tried other coffee and cinnamon scrubs which have caused horrible reactions, leaving my skin looking red and blotchy but this wasn’t the case with the KAHVE Enliven Scrub. I found it especially great for getting rid of dry skin, leaving the skin looking polished and perfect for a self-tan application.

So, the next time your skin is feeling tired, dry and in need of a boost, try KAHVE’s coffee scrubs and reveal a more radiant looking skin!

For more information, visit KAHVE Skin’s website and be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Kahve Coffee Scrubs Promo Code - By Megan Kelly

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