ColourPop SHE Palette - By Megan Kelly

ColourPop SHE Palette Review

ColourPop SHE Palette - By Megan KellyFor the last year or so, I have been stalking Makeup Shack who is an online reseller for international brands that we don’t get here in South Africa. I had originally come across their store when I was looking to buy ELF locally but was hesitant to swipe my card as I hadn’t seen any reviews or heard anything about their store and if you’ve been on Instagram for a minute, you’ll know all about the increase in fake makeup being sold all over South Africa. A week or so before my birthday, I noticed that they were selling the ColourPop SHE palette and decided to bite the bullet and make the purchase. Since then, I have bought the other two ColourPop palettes namely, Yes Please and I think I love you.

ColourPop reigns from sunny California and what might have started as a small indie brand has very quickly become internationally recognized. I believe it was their infamous liquid lipsticks that plummeted them into success. Since then, they have grown their range to include everything from eyeshadows, highlighters, concealers and most recently brushes. ColourPop has become synonymous with affordable, high-quality makeup, so much so that they have even earned their right to being stocked at Sephora. There’s no denying that the founders have loads to be proud of.

Of course, being a beauty addict, I felt a bit of FOMO watching YouTubers speak so highly of a brand that we can’t really get locally. I mean, they do offer international shipping but it can take about 2 months to receive your parcel and I am pretty sure that our postal system and customs are competing to see who can be worse at their jobs. So, having a local reseller like Makeup Shack makes shopping international brands convenient.

I have gotten quite a lot of questions and requests for a post dedicated to reviewing and swatching my pressed eyeshadow palettes from ColourPop, so thought that I’d split them into 3 review posts, starting with SHE.

I originally bought this palette thinking that it may be a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette, which as you know, is at the top of my wishlist. Sadly, there are no Urban Decay stores in Port Elizabeth and there still isn’t any confirmation whether the palette will become available online so until then, I thought I’d go for something new.

The SHE palette forms part of the Fem Rosa Collection, Karrueche Tran’s 3rd collaboration with ColourPop. The collection features 3 liquid lipsticks called FEM ROSA, a blush palette called HER, and the pressed powder shadow palette called SHE. Makeup Shack has the entire collection available with products being sold separately, but I thought I’d start by just purchasing the eyeshadow palette for now, though the liquid lipsticks are calling my name.

Keeping on trend, SHE has warm rosy tones that are universally flattering. The shades can be used on their own for a casual everyday look or can be smoked out for a soft romantic look. As I had mentioned, I do feel that this palette is a nice dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette, or at least that’s what it seems from the online swatches that I have seen – I will compare the two in a better review, when I finally get my hands on the Naked Heat palette.

The palette features 12 eyeshadows; 7 metallics, 4 mattes and 1 satin. The shades are warm-toned, with touches of soft pinks, mauves and plums. While the metallic shades are phenomenal, to say the least, I would be lying if I didn’t say that the mattes are what truly blow me away. It’s so difficult finding an affordable range of mattes that are buttery smooth, blend out beautifully, all while being pigmented, but ColourPop have managed all that, and so much more.

The shades and their descriptions:

Ladylike: metallic soft champagne
Babe: satin light peachy pink
Dainty: metallic pinky taupe
Chick: metallic subtle gold
Mademoiselle: metallic rose gold
Gal: metallic red with copper duochrome
Empress: metallic mid-tone pink plum
Filly: metallic rusty orange
Dear: matte warm rose
Missy: matte deep burgundy
Damsel: matte smokey violet
Duchess: matte dusty coral

This palette retails for $16 (R220) on the ColourPop website but as mentioned, I prefer to eliminate any risk of my package getting lost or having to wait too long, so purchased mine from Makeup Shack at R429 where my order was processed within a day, and shipped with overnight delivery.

In America, this is considered a budget palette but I do feel that at R429 it sort of falls in mid-range for South Africans. That being said, I tried thinking of another range that is in the same price bracket and couldn’t really think of any that were worthwhile. We have the budget brands like Essence, Wet n Wild and CATRICE, and then we have high-end brands like Smashbox and Clarins. But what do we have in between? Which other brand offers 12 perfectly curated eyeshadows that can be used to create several looks, boasts quality and somehow falls under the R500 mark?

I can go on and on about how much I adore this palette, but I believe that the fact that I went and ordered both of their other palettes shows exactly how much I appreciate ColourPop’s pressed shadow palettes. Of course, as they introduce more to their range, I will continue supporting them and their brand by purchasing through Makeup Shack.

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  • An Ordinary Gal
    Posted at 12:40h, 07 December

    Loving those pinks and mauve shades.

  • thesecretboard
    Posted at 09:06h, 12 October

    It’s such a beautiful palette and I loved the look you created with it! Great review!