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In theBalm of your hand vol.1 - By Megan Kelly

In theBalm of your Hand vol. 1 Review

Since first seeing their range of cosmetics, theBalm Cosmetics has always featured on my wishlist – from eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, and highlighters theBalm seems to always knock it out the park. Sadly, the brand is no longer available in South Africa and left before I could even try any of their products, so when a blogger was selling some of her unused stash, I didn’t think twice about purchasing the palette called: In theBalm of Your Hand Vol. 1.

In theBalm of Your Hand Vol. 1 is probably one of the smartest concepts that I have seen in a while; it’s a compilation of the brand’s most favoured products giving you a good idea of what you can expect from them and making a great gift for any makeup lover or even someone who just wants to start exploring makeup but doesn’t quite know where to begin. The products offer versatility; blushes that can be used as shadows, shadows that can be used as a liner, and stains that can be used for cheeks and lips.

Until now, I have only ever seen theBalm Cosmetics online and there’s no denying that they know exactly how to do cute and cheeky packaging. Some may complain about the carboard packaging and see it as cheap – but personally, I would rather have sleek, cute cardboard packaging, housing an outstanding product than having a luxurious, top of the range packaging that houses a sub-par product. After all, I am not rubbing the packaging on my face, it’s the product that counts! But theBalm has somehow managed to balance quality, affordability and quirky across their range, and this palette is no different.

In theBalm of Your Hand is dressed in pictures of a bunch of their products, hinting at what you can expect inside. The palette has 2 sections; one houses 4 face products (12g/each), 4 eyeshadows and 1 highlight (7g/each) while the separate division features 2 cream products (7g/each) that are kept protected from any fallout from the powdered products. The palette is sleek enough for travelling, sturdy, offers a good-sized mirror and the magnets prevent the box from opening.In theBalm of your hand vol.1 swatches - By Megan Kelly


  • Hot Mama can be used as a shadow or blush, it is a coral-pink shade with a slight iridescent gold sheen.
  • Agryle from Instain is a staining powder blush that is bright “Barbie” pink with a slight tint, great for spring and summer looks.
  • Cabanaboy can be used as a shadow or blush and is a purpley-pink shade. I personally prefer this as an eyeshadow, as it makes my eyes pop and blends out beautifully, and can also be packed on to create a dramatic look.
  • Bahama Mama is one of their most popular products, without a doubt. Just look them up, and you’ll see exactly what I mean! It can be used as bronzer, shadow or contour. I like using it in the crease of my eye, and as a bronzer but have to blend it out quite a bit as it can seem quite warm on my skin tone.
  • Insane Jane from Shady Lady is a beautiful gun metal shadow, that is buttery soft and just phenomenal! It can also be used as a liner but is the sort of shadow that you can wear on its own, and smoke out when you’re short on time.
  • Mischevious Marissa from Shady Lady is a warm-toned cream-like shadow that blends out harsh lines beautifully. Honestly, these two eyeshadows really make me want the Shady Lady palettes, as they’re just so buttery smooth and blend out really well.
  • Sexy from Nude’Tude is a maroon shadow or liner. I find this shadow to be firmer than the rest and have actually ordered the Nude’Tude palette as I am interested to see if all of the shadows are as firm. Surprisingly, even though it is firm, it is really pigmented and looks great with brown eyes.
  • Lead Zepplin from Balm Jovi is a dark-green metallic shadow with fine gold glitter (VERY fine), that can also be used as a liner, with the right brush. I picture this shadow to be really good for autumn and winter looks
  • And then, there’s the beauty that is their infamous Mary-Lou Manizer which sure, can be used as a shadow, but I mean, we’re all just here for this perfect pearlescent highlight.In theBalm of your hand vol.1 - By Megan Kelly

In the division, there are 2 cream products. Caramel which is a lip and cheek cream is from How ‘bout them Apples and is a nude-coral shade, while Mia Moore from The Balm Girls is a bright, classic, cool-toned red lipstick.

So, in total, you get 11 of their most popular products in one convenient palette and have the ability to create a full look as you are spoilt for choice with a bronzer, blushes, highlighter, shadows, liners and lipsticks.

The colour selection is really versatile – whether used on their own or paired with other shadows from your existing collection, you have a good variety to pick from. I also appreciate that you have the opportunity to try several of their most famous products – I mean, I really feel like this palette is the crème de la crème of theBalm Cosmetics offering quality and pigmented products. It’s every bit as perfect as I had imagined and totally worth the wait, but in the same breath – I want (read need) more! The quality of each product makes it abundantly clear that theBalm isn’t just about cute and quirky packaging. No, they deserve a name in the classics – in the cult-favourites – of beauty.

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  • prettifulblog
    Posted at 18:02h, 06 November

    Love the look Megs. You look stunning!

    • Megan Kelly
      Posted at 21:11h, 11 November

      Thank you! I am still so bummed that the sales at Stuttsfords were all sold out – really wanted to pick up more of TheBalm.

  • CaffeineAndFairydust
    Posted at 09:53h, 17 September

    I love this! I need to get my hands on one, but just bought a Stila palette so might need to wait a little 😛

    • Megan Kelly
      Posted at 14:50h, 17 September

      Thank you! It’s definitely one of my favourites! OOOH, which Stila palette did you get? I just got one too!