Holly Molly Baby Wraps - By Megan Kelly

Holly Molly Baby Wraps

Holly Molly Baby Wraps - By Megan KellyIf you’re a new or expecting mom, you’ve most likely seen the term “baby wearing” popping up, as if it’s some sort of buzz word. While there are MANY benefits of baby wearing, one that truly sticks out is convenience; whether you’re trying to eat, do your makeup, dishes, work or even exercise, baby wearing can help make things easier. However, as a new parent it can be a little confusing, trying to choose the baby wearing option that works for you and your baby. To make things easier, I will be spending the next couple of weeks sharing my experience with baby wraps, slings and pod carriers to compare the differences and pros of each.

First up is the ever-popular Baby Wrap from Holly Molly, a proudly South African mom-owned business that offers a variety of products for new and expecting moms, with their most popular item being the wrap. Holly Molly got the inspiration for their name from Jen’s daughter, Holly, and was started to meet the growing need for affordable and practical baby gear. Being a mom herself, Jen has developed her wraps to help you keep up with the general demands of life while keeping your baby safe and snug.

Holly Molly Baby Wraps - By Megan KellyThe Holly Molly wrap is a long piece of fabric that is twisted and tied to create a snug “pouch” for your baby, keeping them in the upright position, against your chest. The fabric is light-weight, ultra-soft and has just the right amount of stretch to it, ensuring a secure, yet comfortable hold.

I find the wrap to be ideal for doing chores around the house, working, or even lounging on the couch. It frees up your hands, and keeps your baby feeling secure. Something that I like about the wrap, is that because of the type of material used (cotton viscose), it is breathable and absorbs moisture quickly, helping to avoid rashes, which is great for my boys who sweat a lot!

I think what is most impressive about the Holly Molly Baby Wrap is that you can use it during your pregnancy, with a preemie, newborn, and even through the early toddler years (up to 9 kilograms).Holly Molly Baby Wraps - By Megan Kelly

I am sure that like me, a lot of you felt like you needed extra support around your tummy, during those last few months and weeks of your pregnancy. The Holly Molly Wrap can be tied in a way to help support your stomach, taking the extra pressure off your back. After giving birth whether natural or via a c-section, you may feel like you need that same extra support, especially during the first few days, when your uterus contracts back to size. By using the wrap to firmly support your tummy, you can help ease the discomfort and pain often experienced.

Preemies and newborns benefit from skin to skin contact which is easily promoted with the help of the Holly Molly Wrap. I have outlined the benefits of baby wearing in this post, but in summary, moms are encouraged to give their babies skin-to-skin contact as it helps regulate their temperature and heartbeat, keeps them feeling secure and promotes your milk supply. Kangaroo care for premature babies is essential for their growth and survival.

Holly Molly Baby Wraps - By Megan Kelly

Credit: Holly Molly Facebook Page

The Holly Molly Wrap isn’t just for moms, they can also be worn by dads! And with so many colours to choose from (coral, plum, mint, teal, crimson, navy, charcoal & light grey) you’re spoilt for choice!

I personally like that the Holly Molly Wrap is not bulky – you can easily roll it up and slip it in your nappy bag to use while you’re out and about. It’s also really easy to clean and can be thrown in the wash, with the rest of your washing – bonus! At first, trying to tie the wrap can seem overly complicated and I will admit that it took some perseverance. My first attempt ended with me having too little material to tie the last double knot – a clear indication that I had tied it too loosely. After a few more tries, I finally felt comfortable enough to pop Eli in.

I also made the mistake of trying to tie it around the widest part of my body which wasn’t just uncomfortable but it meant Eli was too low. When tied correctly, the Holly Molly Wrap keeps your baby at just the right height, so that you can easily check on them, kiss them and reassure them.

Interestingly, Holly Molly owner, Jen, is also an Occupational Therapist, and notes that a baby wrap places your baby in a neutral position with the correct curvature of the spine and proper alignment of the pelvis and hips. One thing that I appreciated about the positioning, is that it helped ease Eli’s reflux too.

You can purchase your own Holly Molly wrap from their online store found here, for R399. Be sure to pop over to their website for more information, and give them a like and follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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