Vichy’s ProEVEN Brightening Cleansing Foam

Undress your skin with these skincare favourites

My skincare routine has always been somewhat inconsistent but this year, I have been committed to adopting a skin care regimen that will not only benefit my skin right now but will also keep my skin looking and feeling healthy well into my old age. At the end of a long day, I like to take some time to remove my makeup and cleanse my skin, before continuing with my usual moisturizing and treatment routine.

To begin, I remove any eye makeup by soaking two cotton pads in Estee Lauder’s Gentle Eye Makeup Remover and holding the pads against my eyes for a few seconds, before swiping in a downward motion. I had received this as part of their Blockbuster gift set last year, and love that the formula is gentle and lightweight, yet very effective at removing stubborn eye makeup like liquid and gel eyeliners. Their Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is oil-free and is great at removing makeup quickly, without causing any damage or strain to the skin around my eyes.

Next, I use two squirts of Dermalogica’s Precleanse to remove the rest of my makeup. The oil-busting emulsifying solution works to remove dirt and makeup from your skin, with minimal effort. I simply massage the solution onto my skin to help melt away makeup with ease. The formula is designed to remove everything including layers of excess sebum (oil), sunscreen, waterproof make-up and environmental pollutants. Once I feel that my makeup has been lifted, I add some water to my fingertips and massage the emulsified solution to deeply clean the area, before rinsing. Dermalogica’s Precleanse leaves skin feeling hydrated and plump. The formula features a blend of oils, including; Olive, Kukui and Apricot oil, formulated with conditioning Rice Bran and Vitamin E oils.

Lastly, I use my current cleanser; Vichy’s ProEVEN Brightening Cleansing Foam. I start by squeezing a pea-size amount of the gel cleanser in my hand, adding a little water before gently mixing it into a foam and applying the lather to my face. The cleanser is super gentle and features ingredients that include Ceramide Bright, LHA and vitamin C. It is also designed to non-abrasively exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells to reveal brighter, even looking skin and helping to eliminate dark spots.

As you can tell, my cleansing routine can seem somewhat extensive but each product helps to remove makeup and leaves my skin feeling deeply cleansed, preventing frequent breakouts. I suffer from exceptionally dry skin, so it’s important that I use products that even when removing dirt, grime and makeup, it still works to add moisture and leaves my skin feeling healthy versus scratchy and dry.

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