Kulala Baba Organic Hammock - By Megan Kelly

Bedtime with Kulala Baba Organic Hammock

While I was pregnant with Eli, I was contacted by Kulala Baba to review their organic hammocks. You might remember that I interviewed the brains behind the brand not too long ago, in my Meet the #MomBoss series which you can read about over here. Kulala Baba was started by Roanna, who really struggled in the first few months, as her son wouldn’t settle easily and always wanted to be in her arms (I am sure we can all relate)! She felt that baby hammocks saved her life and was inspired to do the same for other parents.

Kulala Baba offer tailor-made Hammocks that are made from organic, natural and sustainable materials to provide your baby with a safe, comfortable and secure environment to peacefully sleep.

Now, I don’t know about you but as a new mom, I will, often, just start getting ready to jump into the shower when my newborn begins to stir awake. Sometimes, it feels like I just can’t put him down without him wanting to be cradled, and gently rocked back to sleep – so a product that promises longer naps is a product that I am keen to try!

On a particularly difficult day, I pulled out our hammock and popped Eli in, and was, to put it simply; left speechless. He nodded off to sleep in no time! I mean, I didn’t even have to be there, he just curled up and went to sleep. At first, I thought it must be some sort of magic but upon closer inspection, I realized it was the ergonomic design that bends to his tiny body, cradling him in all the right spots while making him feel safe and secure. The gentle bounce and sway that the spring provides, means that whenever Eli begins to stir awake, the hammock moves with him, gently soothing him back to sleep.

Eli’s startle reflex has become the bane of my existence, as everytime I get him to doze off, he will often startle himself awake. However, the Kulala Baba organic hammock works to cocoon him, reassuring him that he is safe and can go back to sleep. Impressively, the positioning of the hammock also seems to help his reflux! The hammock has been thoughtfully designed to mimic the womb and ensures a cosy cradle while the spring gives the feeling of suspension.

Kulala Baba Organic Hammock - By Megan KellyKulala Baba Organic Hammock - By Megan KellyKulala Baba make their organic hammocks from an untreated, undyed, natural hemp and organic cotton fabric. Hemp is a light, breathable and durable fabric, that is exceptionally strong (3 times the tensile strength of cotton). It also promises the comfort of your baby as it keeps your baby cool in hot weather and warm in cool weather, while also absorbing any excess moisture.

The organic hammock is safe to use from newborn and can hold up to 12kgs in weight. However, by adding an additional spring from 8kgs, you are able to extend the maximum weight of your hammock up to 24kgs, which is most impressive considering that my 3-year-old only weighs 16kgs! In other words, you can most likely use your Kulala Baba Hammock for about 4 years and with it being machine washable, you’re able to reuse and pass it on to an expecting family member. (Believe me, they’ll love you for it!)

Although I love the Kulala Baba hammock for sleeping, I get more use from it than expected. I often pop Eli in his hammock while I need to cook dinner, shower, get dressed or get some work done. The nice thing about the hammock is that it creates a calm environment, blocking out loud noises and the gentle sway helps to soothe babies, especially when they are over stimulated.Kulala Baba Organic Hammock - By Megan Kelly

I have also added our LittleMe Mobile Dangles to the crossbar, which Eli loves staring up at. The monochromatic colours are great for stimulating newborns, and their designs are too cute to pass up – I will write more about them soon!

Admittedly, I had been wanting to put our hammock up long before Eli arrived, but with an inquisitive toddler keen to try out anything new – I was a bit hesitant of putting it up too soon. When we did finally welcome our bundle, we got news that we might be moving from our rental – so we didn’t want to put it up using a bracket as we’d need to fill any holes and repaint. Out of desperation, I figured out how to hang the hammock on my cupboard door temporarily and realized that I could have been enjoying the hammock all along – now I feel bad for the time wasted!

That being said, if you can afford it – GET THE STAND! It will save you any worries of whether you’re installing the hammock correctly and securely and also means that your Kulala Baba hammock can go wherever you go, as it is mobile and quick to put up. As soon as I have the funds to purchase my own, I will most definitely do so, as I feel it is completely worth the investment and means that I can get more use from my hammock.Kulala Baba Organic Hammock - By Megan Kelly

A few people have seen me share pictures of Eli in his Kulala Baba hammock and have wondered whether it is worth the price – in my opinion, you can’t put a price tag on rested parents. Bearing in mind, I went back to my full-time job when Eli was only 3-weeks old while juggling starting our own business and of course, managing my blog, so the little sleep that I do get, is treasured!

What’s wonderful about the Kulala Baba hammock is that you don’t just use it at bedtime – the simple design means that the hammock is mobile and can be taken wherever you go. For me, this makes a product truly stand out, as I work from the lounge, and will often decide to work the last few hours from the comforts of my bedroom, so a product that doesn’t require a whole lot of effort to move from one room to the other always scores extra points. I also think that it can be quite handy when holidaying, as you don’t necessarily have to worry about carting around a cot, but can just pop your hammock and stand in the boot, and you’re set to go!Kulala Baba Organic Hammock - By Megan Kelly

In addition, Kulala Baba have chosen to make their product from hemp that is not only durable but softens with each wash and prevents the growth of mould, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your baby.

I can keep harping on about how much I love the simplicity of this product, but the lack of bags under my eyes can speak for itself – I love that the hammock has provided a safe sleeping environment for my baby and will continue encouraging parents to give baby hammocks a try!

The Kulala Baba Hammock retails for R2,450 or you can get the stand and hammock for R4,450 (so worth it!). You can purchase yours from their online store here, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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