Wet N Wild Art in the Street Palette - By Megan Kelly

Wet n Wild Art in the Street Palette Review and Tutorial

Wet N Wild Art in the Street Palette - By Megan Kelly

Have you ever tried a brand and been so surprised by their quality that you can’t understand why there aren’t more bloggers and YouTubers singing its praises? That’s basically a summary of my experience with Wet n Wild. The brand offers incredibly affordable products that far exceed the quality of most medium-range brands and even give the higher end brands a run for their money.

For a short while now, I have been growing my Wet n Wild collection, just waiting to find a product that disappoints but more than 25 products in and I am starting to think that perhaps, Wet n Wild just know a thing or two about makeup. If you’re wondering what I mean by affordable; I recently did a haul which included 17 products that amounted to R500 – yep… you read that correctly! Their products are available from selected Clicks stores and online.

So a question I am yet to find an answer to is, why are more bloggers not talking about this incredible brand? It may have something to do with their marketing, or perhaps people just overlook the brand? I am not quite sure, but what I have noticed is that international YouTubers like Tati, Kathleen, and Manny MUA have been sharing more of their products and hopefully with the increase in popularity, they will choose to extend their range in South Africa too.Wet N Wild Art in the Street Palette - By Megan Kelly

I have purchased a few of their palettes (read 8) which vary from bold brights to nudes and purples. Honestly, it’s gotten to the point that anytime I see one of their quads, I purchase it – whether I have the shades or not – because every palette is just such great quality that I know I will eventually get use from it. One of the bolder palettes that I picked up is their Art in the Street palette which includes 5 vibrant shades; blue, green, orange, yellow and purple. The palette retails for R40 and as with all Wet n Wild products is available at selected Clicks and online.

I know what you are thinking – those colours are too bright. I thought so too, until I started playing with it and saw just how easy it is to work with. I decided to include a tutorial with the my review and judging from the comments I got from my socials, you are all pretty keen to see how I created this look!

Wet N Wild Art in the Street Palette - By Megan Kelly

To kick off this look, I knew that I wanted to go for something that was vibrant and featured most of the colours available in the palette. I went in with the orange, which I really didn’t think I’d like – I mean, who even wears orange? Turns out, it became my favourite shade from this palette and after seeing how beautifully it blends out, I am pretty keen on featuring orange in more of my looks. The shadow is highly pigmented and a very little goes a long way. The colour sort of reminds me of a sunset and I think it will work really well for spring and summer looks. Impressively, I didn’t experience much fall out which is sort of weird, considering the colour is just so pigmented and soft.

I basically dipped my brush in, tapped off any excess and then worked the colour into my crease with a very light hand, gradually adding to it until I was happy with the opaqueness. 

Wet N Wild Art in the Street Palette - By Megan Kelly

Next, I worked with the purple by adding it to the outer corner of my crease and pulling it towards the center of my lid. This shade is the most disappointing shade from the palette; while still workable it is a lot more chalkier than the others and it took quite a bit of blending and adding to achieve the level of colour that I was looking for. Don’t get me wrong – it isn’t the worst eyeshadow ever, it’s just the worst when compared to the other shadows in this palette

Wet N Wild Art in the Street Palette - By Megan Kelly

I really wanted the canary yellow to be the main feature of this look. So I started by applying concealer to the lid, before dipping my finger into the yellow and pressing it to the lid. I then use a brush to lightly blend just the edges, making the colours seamlessly blend into the next. The concealer works to neutralize the area, from any of the other shadows that I had already applied, making the yellow seem more vibrant and by using my finger instead of a brush, I get an opaque finish. The yellow is pigmented and easy to work with, but not quite as soft as the orange. It is a great pop of colour and blends really well.


Wet N Wild Art in the Street Palette - By Megan Kelly

For my inner corner, I went back in with the orange from before, giving it a pop of colour and tying all the colours in beautifully. 

Wet N Wild Art in the Street Palette - By Megan Kelly

Lastly, I used a fine pencil brush for applying the green eyeshadow below my eyes. Although completely different, the green still complimented the rest of the look – I just wish I had used a little more for a bit of ‘ BAM in your face’ factor.

Wet N Wild Art in the Street Palette - By Megan Kelly

All that was left for me to do was line my eyes and apply mascara. Of course with the rest of the look being dramatic, I went for a bold liquid liner and a volumizing mascara for that extra va-va-va-voom!

Wet N Wild Art in the Street Palette - By Megan Kelly

Wet N Wild Art in the Street Palette - By Megan Kelly

Overall, this Wet n Wild palette surprised me. It was easy to use, blended beautifully and the colours complimented one another, despite being bold and bright. Was it enough to make me give up my neutrals and nudes? Probably not, but it certainly makes it easy to stray away from my comfort zone and gives me a whole lot of room to play with.

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  • Lydia
    Posted at 19:07h, 24 August

    You look incredible here (and everywhere else) but seriously though…magic!

    • Megan Kelly
      Posted at 15:31h, 30 August

      Thank you Lyds xx

  • theglamgreengirl
    Posted at 12:20h, 14 August

    Oh my goodness Megan, this look is so beautiful! You look stunning!

    Cassidy xXx

    • Megan Kelly
      Posted at 22:39h, 14 August

      Thank you so much Cassidy! <3

  • Mariska Goussard
    Posted at 12:17h, 14 August

    I loooove the looks! Can’t believe you did all of that with those bright shadows! The first vibrant orange look is my favorite ?

    • Megan Kelly
      Posted at 22:40h, 14 August

      Hahaha, thanks babe. The orange is gorgeous – it is one makeup look (full step by step tutorial) but the orange is nice enough to wear on its own 🙂

  • Chermel's World
    Posted at 08:34h, 14 August

    Such as a stunning look,

    Perfect for Spring <3


    • Megan Kelly
      Posted at 22:41h, 14 August

      Thank you so much Chermel!