Breathe Easy with Nuby’s Breethe-eez

When I gave birth to Axl, I remember being in a constant worry over whether he was sick or not. The kid was ALWAYS congested and nothing seemed to help. We were told to try a nasal aspirator (the little bulb one that you find in most medical kits) but this only left Axl screaming, making him more congested. It was quite traumatic and something that I didn’t want to go through all over again with Eli, so I started exploring my options.

Congestion is very common in newborns and can become quite a hassle as babies only know how to breathe through their noses, so struggle to sleep and feed, making them frustrated and often leading to sleepless nights for both mom and baby.Nuby Breethe-Eez Review - By Megan Kelly

Nuby have a variety of handy products – I mean, I am the hugest fan of their brand. But one that I recently stumbled across is the Breethe-eez Travel Nasal Aspirator. Now, aside from the convenient travel-friendly container that it comes in, I am not clear why this is duped as a travel item, but I will say that it is easily, without a doubt, the best and most useful baby item… ever. You know how whenever you go to a baby expo, meet up or to the clinic, they give you a gift bag with stuff that you think is really useful like baby powder, bum cream, etc.? They should save all of that stuff, and just give you one of these. Scratch that, when you leave the hospital, the nurses should be like, here, you will thank us for this later and hand new moms this handy nasal aspirator.Nuby Breethe-Eez Review - By Megan Kelly

So, what makes this better than the traditional bulb aspirator? Well, the Breethe-eez has a few pieces to it; the one end is a nasal piece that has a tiny point which is held against your baby’s nose, and is screwed onto a second piece. Inside is a tiny sponge which acts as a filter. Then, there is a long tube which connects the nasal piece to a silicone mouth piece. The Breethe-eez is really simple to use; you just put a tiny filter in, screw the nasal piece on firmly, hold it against your baby’s blocked nose and gently suck on the mouth piece.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking – how freakin’ gross! But hear me out…

Nothing enters your mouth – that’s why there is a tiny filter! The sponge catches anything that you suck up and ensures that nothing gets through the long tube. Even if something were to go horribly wrong (like a sleep deprived mom, using the Breethe-eez without the filter), the tube is so long, that you will definitely feel it become harder to suck, indicating something has gotten through to the tube.

I like that the device is simple to use, and no matter how hard I suck, the tube seems to control the suction and ensures that I can never suck too hard. Unlike other nasal aspirators, Breethe-eez doesn’t make my baby scream and cry, it is really quick at getting the job done and is so gentle that my baby doesn’t even realize that I am using it. If you find that the mucous is too dry to suck out, simply use a few drops of saline nasal spray, which will help soften it, before using the Breethe-eEez to remove the congestion.Nuby Breethe-Eez Review - By Megan Kelly

After use, I simply take the aspirator apart, rinse all the pieces in hot soapy water, before throwing everything in the steriliser.  It’s quick, simple and great at relieving nasal congestion. I believe you can buy new filters but I haven’t seen them in store, so have just been washing and reusing the ones that we received with the set. The little box that it comes in is compact enough to slip in your nappy bag, making it super convenient to take wherever you go (like I said, that’s the only reason I can think it is called a travel nasal aspirator).

Have you tried Nuby’s Breethe-eez Travel Nasal Aspirator? I’d love to know if you found it as helpful as I do!

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