Things that I have learnt from my 2am Google Searches

Helpful Google Searches for Mom - By Megan KellyDespite Eli being my second child, I still feel like I’m navigating these early days as if it’s my first time. Sure, it sounds like a cliche but every child is so different and in many ways, Eli is a lot easier than Axl. But for some odd reason, I seem a lot more panicked with Eli, as if something may go wrong, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Anyway, just like every other mom, at 2 am while I’m feeding Eli, I usually end up googling a bunch of new parent things. These questions can vary from how hot is too hot, how often should babies feed, is my baby sleeping too little or too long, how can I help my baby poop and why doesn’t my baby spit up, like other babies? These may seem ridiculous, but here’s a quick list of things that I’ve Google and found solutions that really work!

How to help my baby burp easily?

Gosh damn, does anyone else feel like they’re spending more time trying to burp their baby than doing anything else? Eli was really struggling to burp after being fed, which would lead him to interrupted sleep as he’d start crying out, needing to be burped but not being able to find any relief. I’ve always just held him on my chest, and rubbed his back, which was one of Google’s suggestions too. But a method which has proved more effective for is sitting on the bed, with my leg out, and putting him over my thigh, so that his tummy is pressed up on my thigh. I then pat and rub, as usual, but instead of waiting for what seems like forever for him to burp, he burps within a few minutes and usually falls asleep right afterward. During the night, when I’m half asleep to sit up, I position him over my preggy-pillow next to me, which works just as well. I don’t know why this positioning is so effective, but it works MUCH better than him being burped against my chest.

How to help my baby pass gas?

Some people believe in the effects of reflexology while others question its claims, and I guess that I’m somewhere between these two camps. I don’t necessarily believe that I’ll be able to cure cancer by massaging my rectum but I do believe that you can bring some relief especially when you are uncomfortable, by knowing where to massage. Eli had been struggling with gas so out of curiosity, I googled reflexology to help relieve baby’s gas and found this video:

I mean, it seemed simple enough. So I gave it a go, and it was like releasing the cracken. My kid converted to a whoopy cushion for a moment and after what seemed like the alphabet being farted aloud, he knodded off to a peaceful slumber.

How to help your baby poop?

Okay, so this video is one that I had actually discovered with Axl and something that I completely swear by. Axl went through a stage of constipation, and not wanting to resort to medicine, I explored massage techniques. Now, anytime that I see Eli struggling with gas or needing to poop, I follow this massage technique and almost always, have immediate results (read poosplosion)

How to bath your baby for the first time?

I had actually seen this by absolute chancewhile scrolling through Facebook, just before Eli’s first bath. I was a little scared of bathing him, because you forget how tiny they are and I had sort of gotten used to Axl helping himself by means of supporting his own body, you know? I also remember Axl’s first bath being terrifying – he screamed! So I gave this method a try, and it is quite honestly the best thing that I have discovered. Wrapping Eli up in a muslin blanket while I wash his hair, before lying him in his bath resulted in him actually falling asleep in the bath! I swear by this method 100% and encourage all moms to give it a try with their newborns.

So there you have it! These are some of my best 2am Google finds. I’d love to know if you have any remedies, tricks or tips that you’ve found from your 2am Google searches that actually work?

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