Haakaa Breastpump - By Megan Kelly

Haakaa: A hands-free and Eco-friendly Breastpump

Haakaa Breastpump - By Megan Kelly

Being a second-time mom who writes about baby products on my blog, often means that I have seen a lot of “new” and “innovative” products, but it’s been awhile since I have been sent a product to review, that is as unique as the Haakaa breast pump.

Hey Kiwi is a new online store that has popped up and is offering some cool, new and trendy products for babies and toddlers. They have a variety of products that are targetted for breastfeeding, bottle feeding, teething and introducing solids. Their best selling product is the Haakaa breat pump, and it is easy to see why.

As you know, I am a huge advocate for breastfeeding and had breastfed my oldest son until he was two years old, and I hope to do the same with Eli. But one thing is clear, breastfeeding comes with its limitations. For instance, in the last 6 weeks, I have been invited to 3 press events which would require me to travel out of town and of course, being a new mom who exclusively breastfeeds, there just wasn’t any chance of that happening! So many people ask me why don’t I just pump – but here’s the thing, after feeding my baby, I just don’t have the energy to get up to sterilize the pump and storage bottles, putting together all the pieces, pumping, storing, taking the pump apart, cleaning and then repeating. The only time that I am free, is when Eli is sleeping so I use that time to shower, pee and eat – you know? So, I really don’t want to waste any time looking for all the pieces for the pump and then pumping just for him to wake and want to feed again.

Haakaa Breastpump - By Megan Kelly

Here is where Haakaa is different; Haakaa is a one-piece, eco-friendly breast pump that is hands-free and uses suction power to draw your milk out. Unlike manual breast pumps, you don’t have to tire yourself by pumping but simply just apply the suction to your breast and allow it to draw the milk out, on its own.

Although I don’t express often, I find the Haakaa to be so much more convenient than other pumps (I have a manual and electrical pump), I also found it to be more gentle on the breast and really simple to use. I tend to have an over supply, meaning that when I feed Eli on one breast, the other leaks a lot! Since having the Haakaa, this is no longer a problem as I simply apply it to the other breast, and within 5-10 minutes have managed to “pump” 80-90ml of milk to store, instead of having it go to waste.

I don’t know whether the Haakaa would be ideal for moms who heavily rely on pumping (i.e. exclusively expressing), as it only stores up to 100ml at a time (there is also a 150ml variant). However, I do think it is a must-have for moms who want the option to express without wanting to spend too much money on a pump that they may never use, and Haakaa just simplifies pumping altogether.

The Haakaa breast pump also happens to be really convenient to travel with as it a single piece and quite small, so you don’t have to worry about losing bits and bobs and it will slip into your nappy bag, not taking up any more space than a baby bottle. Even better is that because it relies on suction and not pumping, it is quiet, completely discreet and you don’t have to worry about forgetting the adapter or your hand cramping half-way through. The Haakaa is also really easy to clean and happens to be dishwasher safe – saving you more time and energy (that you don’t already have!).Haakaa Breastpump - By Megan Kelly

Best of all, the Haakaa breast pump is dirt cheap; I struggled to find a decent pump for under R800 when I was shopping around for one, and even then, it didn’t live up to my expectations in any way. But the Haakaa far exceeded any expectations and retails for R320 (100ml) or R370 (150ml) from Hey Kiwi.

To use the Haakaa breast pump, I would recommend stimulating your natural let-down by gently massaging your breast or feeding your baby on the other breast. Squeeze the bottom “bulb” of the Haakaa pump, center it around your nipple and place it against your breast before releasing the bulb to create a suction. Haakaa should feel secure and in place so that you can pump hands-free. If your milk doesn’t flow, try pumping the bulb a few times to trigger your let down reflex.

While I did mention that Haakaa may not be ideal for moms who are exclusively pumping, I do think that it can be helpful if you are only using a single electric pump, as you can slip Haakaa on the other breast and collect milk while pumping. This saves you time and ensures that you get more milk, while not having to pay the exorbitant fee of a double electric pump. I also found great use from Haakaa when I was suffering from engorged breasts as the gentleness of the silicone pump didn’t aggravate my tender breasts, and provided instant relief. Haakaa Breastpump Stopper - By Megan Kelly

Haakaa also comes with a variety of cute accessories, so if you don’t transfer the pumped milk to a storage container right away, you can still keep things fresh by just popping on a cap or one of their cute flower stoppers.

If this hasn’t already convinced you to love and support the Haakaa brand, their story most definitely will: “Haakaa was developed through our struggle to find non-toxic and safe products for my little sister Courtney. Courtney is special needs being born with Autism among other disabilities. When protecting her health and preserving the environment for her future became our top priority, Haakaa was born. Over the years, we found it extremely difficult to find green products suitable for infants and children. With most eco baby brands only carrying a limited range, and shipping to New Zealand being difficult and expensive, we realized we could develop a range that is not only convenient and versatile but also safe for more parents and their babies.”

Something worth mentioning is that since Haakaa has strolled onto the scene, there have been a bunch of knock off brands that are using cheap materials that may cause harm to moms and their babies. If you are going to purchase a silicone breast pump, make sure that you are purchasing from a reliable, quality brand that has been properly tested. All Haakaa products are designed and tested in New Zealand, Manufactured in selected advanced international factories under strict quality controls and successfully tested against the worlds highest safety standards (such as European EN14350 and US FDA).

Overall, I can’t deny how impressed I am with this little gem! It is affordable, convenient and eco-friendly making it one of the best gift ideas for a new or expecting mom. You can get yours from Hey Kiwi, also give them a like on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with special offers, product reviews, and launches. 

I am Megan Kelly, the creator behind By Megan Kelly, mom of two boys, named Axl and Eli, and local business owner providing digital marketing solutions. I live on copious amounts of coffee, can be bribed with chocolate and will never admit to having too much makeup – although, I probably do.

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