La Roche-Posay Lipikar Review - By Megan Kelly

La Roche-Posay’s Lipikar Range for the Whole Family

I have been meaning to try products from La Roche-Posay since they first launched in South Africa. It’s one of those brands that so many international beauty bloggers rave about that you can’t help but want to try everything and anything, so when they reached out for me to trial their Lipikar range with my family, I was game!

Growing up, I had pretty bad eczema on the insides of my arms so knowing how uncomfortable it can be, I was really unhappy when eczema started appearing behind Axl’s knees and up his thighs. At first, it seemed like a heat rash caused by the moisture that is often found behind your knees but after trying nappy creams with no result, I soon realized it was, in fact, the dreaded start of eczema. Since then, we have tried several creams, stopped using certain shampoos and body washes but still, his eczema reappears. Even when it seems to have healed up, the skin remains very dry and uncomfortable, often making Axl want to scratch which leads to open sores and sensitivity.La Roche-Posay Lipikar Review - By Megan Kelly

La Roche-Posay launched their Lipikar range more than 25 years ago to treat the dry skin of both adults and children. The range has been proven to be effective in a number of clinical trials, making it a market-leader in emollient products. The range includes a variety of products that are targeted to relieve extreme dryness and sensitivity, often experienced in winter or in our case, with eczema.

La Roche-Posay Lipikar Syndet Review - By Megan KellyWe were sent Lipikar Syndet which is a cleansing body gel free of fragrances, soap, and parabens. The formula is designed to be gentle on your skin while helping to restore lost moisture. Whenever I think of a gentle cleanser, I think of something that only has the ability to do half the job of cleansing the skin. Now, bearing in mind that my toddler is a busy body that somehow manages to get out the bath with a dirty face, I need a range of products that leaves him looking and smelling clean. He loves playing in the dirt, messing around with water and digging in the garden, so a cleanser that removes stubborn dirt is a MUST, but more importantly, it should not dry out his skin or cause any sensitivity.

The Lipikar Syndet creates a good, foamy lather that removes any grime, leaving the toddler looking sparkly clean. Better yet, the formula is so gentle that I have even started using it on our newborn, who has been experiencing dry, flaky skin. In addition, I also managed to get some use from the cleanser and love how it removes all my makeup without leaving my skin feeling tight. The secret to its hydrating formula is the main ingredients which include Glycerine, shea butter, and Niacinamide which work to help restore the skin barrier. The result is skin that is soft, supple and hydrated, even in the midst of winter!

La Roche-Posay Lipikar Baume AP+ - By Megan KellyThe second product that we received was the Lipikar Baume AP+ which is a replenishing balm. Well, that’s actually an understatement. You see, this is a product that we got a surprising amount of use from. In fact, while writing this review, I couldn’t find ours and ended up asking my husband where he had put it, just to find it next to his PC – yep, even the husband uses it!

The Lipikar Baume AP+ is a hero product that promises to relieve irritated, dry, inflamed and itchy skin. The formula is fast absorbing and works to help soothe the skin instantly, treating extreme dryness or eczema. Just like the Lipikar Syndet, it is safe for the whole family, a claim that we, of course, had to put to the test.

As mentioned, Axl has eczema, I struggle with winter skin and liked using the balm on my face after quite an intense hormonal break out, D can’t handle being itchy, and Eli has baby acne on his cheeks.  I was most impressed how the balm helped treat both of our kids’ skin conditions, especially Eli who was really struggling with a bad breakout of baby acne. Within our first application, his cheeks seemed to immediately look less red than before and by the 3rd or 4th day, it was almost unnoticeable. As for Axl, this is the first time that his eczema has actually healed up and I am interested to see if it remains this way during summer when his skin is the worst. Personally, I like that the balm is light weight, fast absorbing and non-greasy, especially as Axl truly despises the texture of cream on his skin, making it hard to treat his eczema in the first place.

Both the Lipikar Baume AP+ and Syndnet are available in a 200ml tube or a family-friendly pump bottle that offers 400ml of product. The range is suitable for even the most sensitive skin (believe me, I tested it on my newborn and it worked phenomenally!) and does the job of restoring moisture, while soothing irritations. The formulas have been developed to include the minimum amount of ingredients, while still providing efficiency and remaining free of soap, fragrances, and parabens. Also available in the range is the Lipikar Body Milk and Lipikar Surgras Bar and while I am not really one for bars of soap, I am very keen to see what their body milk is like.

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