Alie Eau Sublime Review - By Megan Kelly

Mugler launches limited edition ALIEN Eau Sublime

I had never really been one for fragrances which might seem weird especially as often, the first thing that I point out is the scent of a product. Sure, I love the look of luxury perfume bottles but I had always struggled to find a scent for me.

Years ago, my mom discovered Mugler’s ALIEN which we both instantly fell in-love with, but with her being a single mom raising two girls, at the time, it had always been seen as just a luxury lust item, reserved for someday and to this day, it still remains so. It’s funny thinking back at how our love for the fragrance would see us taking detours in the cosmetic aisle, to grab a quick spritz from the tester, just to get a sniff of the incredible scent captured so perfectly by Mugler.

Last year, I found myself reading up about Mugler and his journey to creating some of the most popular fragrances of all time. I was so inspired by his perseverance to make his concept of Angel into a reality, managing to overcome rejections and quite literally taking the best parts of our childhood (candy floss, vanilla, chocolate and caramel) and turning them into a scent that somehow managed to make you nostalgic while still being somewhat sensual, and empowering. Despite it taking 10 years, 600 trials and a further 2 years to master the bottle design, Mugler never gave up on his dream of creating Angel.

Later, Mugler paid the same attention to detail when he introduced ALIEN, which is said to embody “the power of a Solar Goddess, who radiates, fascinates and asserts herself through her benevolence within a society in search of spirituality and new values.”. The fragrance has 4 flagship creations, namely ALIEN Eau de Parfum, ALIEN Eau de Toilette, ALIEN Essence Absolue, and ALIEN Eau Extraordinaire. However, the range continues to grow and has even gone on to feature a beautiful bath and body range. The bottle design of each is said to draw its strength from precious gemstones, with Amethyst being used for the original ALIEN.

What I find so fascinating about Mugler is how everything about his fragrances seems to have a deeper meaning and an untold story, just waiting to be discovered. From the notes of each scent to the bottle design, colour and campaign work, the brand continues to break all the rules when it comes to fragrances.Alie Eau Sublime Review - By Megan Kelly

This year, Mugler released ALIEN Eau Sublime which is a limited-edition fragrance, inspired by the sun at its zenith and created by the same perfumer of the original ALIEN, Dominique Ropion. Clarins were kind enough to send me the fragrance, which has very quickly become my signature scent.

The fragrance has the same familiar scent of ALIEN, but with something fresher and lighter making it more wearable, especially for every day. At first spritz, there is a gorgeous citrus burst of lemon, mandarin, and orange, but as expected the brand has stayed true to what it is known for and kept Jasmine at the heart of ALIEN Eau Sublime, complimented by fresh florals that include tiare flowers, heliotrope and cherry blossoms. To tie it all together, Dominique did a wonderful job of balancing the citrus and floral scents with warm and woody notes to include cashmere and white amber.

The bottle is nothing short of glorious and mirrors the shape of the original ALIEN, with a hint of white almost paying tribute to the freshness captured inside.

Overall, I feel that the brand did such an incredible job of recreating the ALIEN scent by adding a little something that is more comforting, lighter and perhaps even targeted at being more youthful. However, they still managed to make the scent empowering, feminine, energized and alluring. I am almost disappointed that ALIEN Eau Sublime is a limited- edition fragrance as it is such a great balance of ALIEN with softer notes to make it that scent that you want to wear every day, instead of only for special occasions.

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