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Korbell Nappy Disposal System

Korbell Nappy Bin - By Megan KellyNo one could have prepared me for the stink that is nappies. I mean, how does someone so little and cute create such a horrible situation, in their nappy! I hate to admit it, but there have been times that I have avoided the nursery altogether, because of a bin that was failing to block out the foul smell. But let’s be frank , if you had a container filled with used nappies, it is rather a big ask expecting it not to smell. Well, that was before Korbell came along and introduced their disposal system, claiming to keep nurseries odour free.Korbell - By Megan Kelly

The Korbell Nappy Disposal System makes smelly nurseries a thing of the past, with its impressive ability to contain odour, thanks to its unique triple-sealing design and other features like a hands-free, spring-loaded trap door that also boasts a nifty child-lock, preventing any unnecessary messes. The result is a stylish and modern-looking nappy bin that contains odour, and prevents any lingering scents.

When compared to other nappy disposal systems on the market, the Korbell stands out with its 100% biodegradable refills which are made with 20% recycled material. You also never have to worry about wastage as you don’t need to reach a certain pre-cut section before clearing the bin. Instead, Korbell uses a continuous liner system, so that you can cut the bag to any size – whether after 1 or even 25 nappies – tie a knot, and start a new bag. The bin also features a child-proof cutter which is mounted on the door, for ease of use.

Personally, I am a bit of a germophobe and like that the bin also offers hands-free convenience, thanks to its pedal. Sure, some may suggest that you can get an ordinary pedal-bin for cheaper, but bear in mind that Korbell’s Nappy Disposal System has been specially designed for trapping in odour and boasts features like rubber seals, a spring loaded trap door, and a body made of odour resisting material.

In addition, Korbell have built their bins to last beyond the nappy years. When your tot has outgrown nappies, simply pop out the trap-door section to convert your Korbell bin to an ordinary pedal bin, that can be used in the rest of the house.

The Korbell Nappy Disposal System is available in 4 different colours; white, blue, green and pink, and has two size variants; the original Korbell bin has a capacity of 16 litres (holding around 25 nappies), while the Korbell Plus has a capacity of 26 litres, making it ideal for daycares. One refill of liners for the original Korbell bin is said to dispose up to 240 nappies and costs about R141 or you can get 3 packs of refills for R325.

The Korbell Nappy Disposal System is available from leading retailers like Baby City, Babies R Us, Baby Boom, Checkers, Takalot.com and Pick ‘n Pay, and retails for around R389.

For more information, go to Korbell’s website.

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