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Meet the #MomBoss: SugarDots

Meet The #MomBoss - By Megan Kelly

As part of The Mom’s Guide, I wanted to create a platform that introduces and promotes local mom-owned business who offer services and products aimed at new and expecting parents. Meet the #MomBoss is a series where I’ll be chatting to all sorts of moms who own their own businesses, to find out how they manage to juggle their many roles and share their advice for moms who are considering doing the same.

This week, we are chatting to Jodi who owns SugarDots. SugarDots are importers and wholesalers of unique and fabulous products for babies and children. They have their own brand of super soft and luxurious muslin blankets and source products from around the globe. SugarDots is the distributor for exclusive brands such as SugarDots Muslin blankets, Elegant Baby, Kid O, Innovative Kids, Micro scooters, Peaceable Kingdom, Stephen Joseph, and Geospace.

SugarDots - By Megan Kelly

What gave you the idea to start your mom-owned business?

When my first son was born in July 2009 I searched far and wide to find super soft muslins in South Africa and came out totally disappointed that friends and family in Australia and the UK had so many choices and we had none. It was then that myself and by beastie (who had also just had a baby) decided to create our own brand of muslins for South Africa.

What is the greatest challenge of being a mom-owned business?

Juggling to keep all the balls in the air. When my son was little and I was just starting out it felt like I was working all the time. Once my maternity leave was over, SugarDots was my night time obsession. The greatest challenge was definitely separating work time and mom time so that I could focus on each one and give them dedicated time. I now have three boys and the juggling act does not get easier.SugarDots - By Megan Kelly

How do you overcome this challenge?

Asking for help and taking it! I would never have managed if I didn’t have the support of my family and an awesome nanny at home. I have also learnt that I need to accept that there will be times when I just can’t do it all.

What is your secret weapon to managing the demands of being a business owner and mom?

Coffee in the morning, after late nights at the computer and taking Saturday afternoon naps when I can get them.

What’s the one thing that you wouldn’t change about juggling these roles?

I love the flexibility and that some days I can spend 8 quiet hours at my desk and others I can work at the school tuckshop, followed by lifting kids around all afternoon.SugarDots - By Megan Kelly

What are 3 things that you can’t go a day without, and that help you juggle your role as a mom and business owner?

1.Morning coffee to kickstart my brain
2. My phone and digital diary so that I can keep track of the extra murals, vaccinations, and appointments
3. My phone so that I can get emails wherever I am and update Facebook and Instagram.

What’s your one piece of advice for moms who are thinking of leaving their day-job, to become a business owner?

It’s hard, and life is busy! Leaving the security of a day job is not easy and running your own business is even harder. “They” say it takes 5 years to build a business but even after 8 years, I am still learning a little more every day.

For more information about SugarDots, visit their website here, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.

If you’re a local #MomBoss that offers services and products aimed at new and expecting parents, be sure to fill in my online questionnaire and be featured in my weekly series, with a free listing in The Mom’s Guide Business Directory.

I am Megan Kelly, the creator behind By Megan Kelly, mom of two boys, named Axl and Eli, and local business owner providing digital marketing solutions. I live on copious amounts of coffee, can be bribed with chocolate and will never admit to having too much makeup – although, I probably do.

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