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Meet The #MomBoss: My Tiny Teepee

Meet The #MomBoss - By Megan KellyAs part of The Mom’s Guide, I wanted to create a platform that introduces and promotes local mom-owned business who offer services and products aimed at new and expecting parents. Meet the #MomBoss is a series where I’ll be chatting to all sorts of moms who own their own businesses, to find out how they manage to juggle their many roles and share their advice for moms who are considering doing the same.

My Tiny Teepee - By Megan Kelly

Credit: My Tiny Teepee – Just a Mamma (@justamamma)

This week, we are chatting to Olivia, who owns My Tiny Teepee. My Tiny Teepee is a mommy and daughter duo that brings joy into your home through endless hours of play in your uniquely made Teepee

What gave you the idea to start your mom-owned business?

My business was first sparked when I realized that my mom’s products were incredible and that I needed to show the world what she is doing and the love that goes into it.

What is the greatest challenge of being a mom-owned business?

Stopping. I could literally work all day, every day. To be honest, I’ve only ever taken 2 days off, in the last year and a half. I love what I do and never want to stop working at growing it.

How do you overcome this challenge?

I don’t. I just kick it in the bum and keep on going. My mom has worked every single day and has never taken a day off – she continues to motivate and inspire me.

What is your secret weapon to managing the demands of being a business owner and mom?

Make your work your passion, so that it’s not a burden and that way your children don’t come off second-best. Then it’s just a case of juggling your two passions which is an easy game. Time block, work hard and don’t be scared to burn the midnight oil.

What do you love about being a mom and business owner?

Having flexibility and not being constrained by office hours.

What’s the one thing that you wouldn’t change about juggling these roles?

Mmmmm…… putting my kids first.

What are 3 things that you can’t go a day without, and that help you juggle your role as a mom and business owner?

Coffee. Champagne. Coffee. iPhone. I couldn’t only name three because then I’d have to leave out that second coffee.

My Tiny Teepee - By Megan Kelly

Credit: My Tiny Teepee – Madison and West (@madisonandwest)

What’s your one piece of advice for moms who are thinking of leaving their day-job, to become a business owner?

Do it and do it well. Think of all the consequences and map out your plan. Be precise in your actions. You’ll learn plenty of lessons along the way.

For more information about My Tiny Teepee, visit their website here, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

If you’re a local #MomBoss that offers services and products aimed at new and expecting parents, be sure to fill in my online questionnaire and be featured in my weekly series, with a free listing in The Mom’s Guide Business Directory.

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