Clarins’ Spring Beauty Collection

Clarins Spring Launches - By Megan KellLast year I discovered the beauty of Clarins for the first time and while I had tried their skincare long before then, I had major regrets for not having tried their beauty or colour range sooner. The French brand offers phenomenal quality that has me itching to dip my brushes into a fresh pot of eyeshadow, or to do a dramatic eyeliner flick with their newly designed pen. Yep, Clarins brings me a sort of childish glee when I get to play with their products, and their Spring launches were definitely worth my excitement.

A few weeks back, Clarins sent over a few new launches from their spring line, and while I haven’t been wearing makeup much these days, every time that I do, I usually find myself reaching for their newest additions. I understand that Clarins isn’t in everyone’s budget, which is why I tend to take my time trying out their products – I don’t like featuring products that I don’t genuinely love, especially when they’re a little more expensive than usual. All of the products that I have featured previously from the brand, still stand out as my ride or die picks, which is a true testament to how much I enjoy their range.

Clarins Face Contouring Palette

Clarins Face Contouring Palette - By Megan KellyLast year, I oohed and ahhed over the Clarins Summer bronzer (side note, you should see their 2017 bronzer, it is GORGEOUS!) and I am pretty sure that by now, you’re all sick of hearing about it. But in case you missed it, the formula is soft, buttery and melts into my skin without looking like I tried my luck at Muddy Princess. So, when I received the newest face contouring palette, I may have (totally did!) let out a squeal of delight.

The packaging is luxury defined – I mean, I feel fancy just holding it! The elegantly designed palette houses 3 powders – a highlight, contour, and blusher – to illuminate, sculpt and enhance your face’s natural shape. Remember that the brand isn’t targeted at the hyped up “Instagram contour”, but rather at a more mature and wearable look, so you can expect less “glitzy” highlight and more smooth, buttery and long-lasting formulas. I happen to prefer this “toned” down palette, especially as every other contour palette seems to be focusing on that chiseled Kardashian contour which just isn’t practical for your everyday makeup regime.

Sadly, the palette only comes in one variant but I am hoping that, with its popularity, they will introduce a second one, that is more cool-toned. The highlight, as I mentioned, is a very wearable shade, that doesn’t have you looking like a Christmas tree but rather just illuminates the areas. The contour is warm-toned, and while I personally prefer a cool-toned contour, I was able to make this work without much effort. Lastly, the blush is a soft rosey shade, which is great for everyday wear and happens to be very versatile, all year through.

Also, included as a bonus, is the Clarins professional application brush, which has natural bristles angled to fit the contours of your face, giving you a precise contour with minimal effort.

Clarins Ombre Iridescente Eyeshadow - By Megan Kelly

Clarins Ombre Iridescente Eyeshadow

This is a very interesting product – it’s described as a cream to powder formula, but having tried their other cream eyeshadows, it wasn’t what I had expected but somehow, it still managed to impress me.Clarins Ombre Iridescente Eyeshadow - By Megan Kelly

The Ombre Iridescente eyeshadows are silky in texture, highly pigmented but firmer than your typical creamy eyeshadow. It’s hard not to dip your finger into each luxury pot for a quick swatch of the unique formula, which seems to become one with your skin. The colours all offer an even, shimmering pearl-like finish, which brightens the eye with a soft hint of iridescent hues.  What makes this something truly unique, is that while it still offers that high pigment that we have come to expect from a cream eyeshadow, you don’t have to worry about working quickly before it dries so you have the ability to blend and work the shadows to suit your look. The cherry on the top, is just how great the staying power of the formula is.

I personally prefer applying the product with my finger, before gently blending out the edges with a  brush, as it gives me the opportunity to really build up the pigment.

PSA: I just happened to see that Clarins also offers a matte variant called Ombre Matte Eyeshadow, which looks divine!Clarins 4 Colour All-in-1 Pen - By Megan Kelly

Clarins 4 Colour All-in-1 Pen

So, if this doesn’t make you nostalgic then nothing will. The Clarins 4 Colour All-in-1 Pen is a retractable pen, just like the ones that we had as kids in school. Remember when you’d try pull all 4 colours down at the same time?

The 4 Colour All-in-1 Pen offers 3 eyeliners (black, blue and brown) and a lip liner, (nudish-pink). While seemingly bulky at first, it does provide unrivaled convenience and quality at a click of a pen. Admittedly, I did see this product in Tati’s YouTube video before receiving my own, and I was a little put off because hers seemed really dry and patchy to work with, but after trying it for myself and seeing several other reviews, I am convinced hers was a dud.

As you can tell from my swatches, the colours are vibrant and offer a pigmented and solid finish. I didn’t notice any patchiness, and quite liked the lasting power of all 4 formulas. The brown shade can also double up as a brow pencil, so essentially – you’re getting 5 products in 1. This is a convenient answer for those always on the go or who like to travel and don’t typically want to carry 5 products. It’s especially great if you’re wanting to touch up, or to take your look from soft everyday makeup, to a more defined dramatic look.

I love the concept and hope that they continue to develop a range of all-in-1 pens to offer different variants like perhaps a metallic eyeliner, nude lip liners, red lip liners, etc. So that instead of buying 4 complimentary products, you can purchase one that offers superior quality, functionality, and versatility.

Which of these three products are you most excited to try? I am looking really forward to seeing more of their Summer launches – as I mentioned the bronzer looks phenomenal, and I just spotted the eyeshadow which is something very unique. While working through this review, I realized that I have tried at least one product from all of their offerings, but I am yet to try a foundation which is at the top of my list, have you tried a foundation from Clarins, let me know your thoughts?

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