Baby Sense Mom & Baby Handbag - By Megan Kelly

What to look for in Nappy Bag

Baby Sense Nappy Bags - By Megan KellyI completely overlooked the importance of picking the right nappy bag, while I was pregnant with my first son, which meant that I ended up going through 3 or 4 bags before giving up on finding one that saw to all my needs. I guess that you don’t quite grasp that your nappy bag becomes an extension of you, as a new mom, and you can become all sorts of dependent to it.

1. Find a bag that meets your style

Becoming a new mom often means that you have to skip out on all the small luxuries of life, like washing your hair regularly. It isn’t uncommon feeling a little disconnected from the person that you were, before having your cutie! So when it comes to something as simple as your personal style, you don’t have to compromise when choosing a nappy bag. Remember, your nappy bag goes where you go, so pick one that will be versatile and that works with your wardrobe.

2. Be practical

You’re probably eye-rolling at that first tip, especially if you were a fan of the clutch. While it is important to stay true to your style, you also need to be practical. Consider how much baby stuff you need to cart around not to mention a pram, car seat, blankets and of course, your bundle of joy! A nappy bag is bound to make things easier, so consider the size, how many pockets and compartments it has and whether the material is easy to clean, after all those first few months can sneak in quite a few unexpected exploding nappies at the most inconvenient times!

3. Invest in longevity

There’s  a common misconception that nappy bags are only for those early days when your baby is brand new! But truth be told, my first son is 3-years old, and I still find myself sneaking nappy bag essentials into my own handbag. Toddlers constantly need wipes for grubby hands, snacks, toys, a spare change of clothes, and… and.. and! Choose a bag that boasts the quality to last a good few years, and that’s style can easily change from newborn, to toddler on the move, to the mom of an almost school goer.

Introducing the Mom & Baby Handbag

Of course, I didn’t expect you to search high and low for a bag that ticks off all those boxes (and more), especially when I have already found THE ONE! Our friends at Baby Sense are constantly developing their range to include products that will help make mom’s lives easier, with their latest addition being the sophisticated and classic Mom & Baby HandbagBaby Sense Mom & Baby Handbag - By Megan Kelly

Available in 3 variants (Charmaine Angel Blue and Cool Grey,  Melaine Black and Cream, and Melaine Nude), The Baby Sense Mom & Baby Handbag doesn’t expect you to compromise your personal style and provides exceptional functionality for the mom on the move. Their nappy bags offer more than enough space, compartments, and accessories, not to mention that they’re made to be durable and long lasting. The Mom and Baby Handbag from Baby Sense retails for R899.95 and boasts features like a removable insulated bottle holder, removable stroller straps, and an easy access pocket for your cell phone.

Be sure to get your own Mom and Baby Handbag from their online store, alternatively, Baby Sense products are also available at most leading baby retailers including Baby City, Baby Boom, Babies R Us and more.

Baby Sense offers a wealth of knowledge for new and expecting parents on their website. For more information on their latest products, features, and launches, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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