Sleepyhead South Africa - By Megan Kelly

Sleepyhead: The sleep, play & travel solution!

Sleepyhead South Africa - By Megan Kelly

I recently walked into a baby store and was simply overwhelmed by the amount of new products that promise to soothe and help your baby to sleep better. Honestly, there are far too many widgets and gadgets available and instead of simplifying a parents role, they overcomplicate it with the pressure that without each and every single product, your baby simply won’t sleep… ever! I looked around and realized that there were many products, that all sort of looked the same or similar, but they were either tailored to sleep, play or travel. There wasn’t just a simple solution that could be used for all, and instead of buying one product, you may end up buying 3 or even 5, costing you thousands.

Thankfully, before buying into the hype, I did a bit of research and remembered seeing a local Instagram account that offered “sleeping pods.” They were quite trendy, looked really comfortable and promised a one-product solution, so I looked them up and after seeing just how great Sleepyheads are, I asked if they’d join The Mom’s Guide.

Sleepyhead have been designed to imitate the womb, to help soothe and comfort your baby with the feeling of a safe and secure sleeping environment. As you probably know by now, newborns experience the startle reflex until about 3-6 months, which is a jerk reaction that often wakes your baby and prevents them from sleeping better. However, the pod’s unique design helps to prevent the startle reflex, as it creates a snug sleeping environment.

The Sleepyhead provides versatility, multi-function, and convenience to new parents, as babies can enjoy sleeping, lounging, nappy changes and playing in their Sleepyhead pod, without the restraint of buckles and the overstimulation of too many bells and whistles. The pod is designed to be lightweight so that parents can easily move the Sleepyhead from room to room, or even take it along when traveling. The materials used are hypoallergenic and the pods are made with hygienic fabrics that include air-permeability.

The Sleepyhead pod is safe for use from birth and even helps to promote tummy time, as the rounded bumper can be used to prop up your baby so that they can practice strengthening their neck muscles and develop their motor skills. Once your baby has outgrown their cot, you can continue using the Sleephead Grand to help ease them into their “big” bed, as the rounded bumper works as a bed rail that makes them feel secure, at night.  

There are two Sleepyhead variants; The Sleepyhead Deluxe is suitable for 0-8 months, and The Sleepyhead Grand is suitable for 9-36 months. Prices range from R2,899 – R4,999, with additional covers starting at R1,399. To order yours, visit their online store and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram

Keep an eye out on my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to see which Sleepyhead pod we’ve chosen for Eli, and how we use the Sleepyhead in our day to day activities, when he arrives later in June.

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