Oh Mama Mio – Skincare designed for pregnancy!

Mama Mio Review - By Megan KellyI don’t know much about skin, but what I do know is that a lot can contribute to it forever changing. Everything from the products used, your environment, diet, activity, habits and hormones all have some sort of effect on your skin and the way it looks and feels. One of the earliest things I had noticed in my pregnancy, is just how my skin was changing and how it continues to change as my baby grows. Thankfully, Mama Mio is a skincare brand that is developed to simplify your skincare woes during pregnancy – they’re the pregnancy experts and have a range of products that are safe for use throughout your pregnancy.

With my first son, I discovered Mama Mio after having him, but still early enough to assist me through the pains that often accommodate breastfeeding. Thankfully, with my second son, I have received several products that have made the adjustment to my stretching body, all the more easier and comfortable (well, as comfortable as one can be at 29 weeks of pregnancy!)

Mama Mio Tummy Rub Oil - By Megan KellyMy first Mama Mio Skincare favorite is the Mama Mio Tummy Rub Oil. There are so many butters, creams, and mousses available to expecting moms that are designed to prevent stretch marks, that it can be quite overwhelming in choosing the one that works for you. Personally, I love the nourishing texture that the Mama Mio Tummy Rub Oil provides, it is quite thick, but when rubbed into the skin, it doesn’t leave you feeling greasy. Instead, the oil provides immediate relief to the itching of your stretching skin. I am not too worried about the appearance of stretch marks – I have always had them since puberty (oops!) so for me, it isn’t about finding a product that reduces the appearance of them, but rather a product the soothes the stretching skin and provides lasting moisture.

The scent of the Mama Mio Tummy Rub Oil is so uplifting – I know that sounds weird, but I really like products that make me feel calm, comfortable and happy. My pregnancy has taken place during one of the busiest times of my life, and often I feel like I need a breather. My “bump time” is a quiet moment that I take to bond with my unborn child, while also taking care of my skin. The formula is an omega-packed blend of organic oils that help improve your skin’s natural elasticity and is safe for use during pregnancy and while nursing.

It is recommended to apply twice daily from above your boobs to below your bum, front, back, and sides. Follow the Tummy Rub Oil with the Tummy Rub Butter for maximum results.

Mama Mio Gorgeous Glow Cleanser - By Megan KellyMama Mio Skincare also sent me their Gorgeous Glow Facial Wash, for those times you don’t quite have the “pregnancy glow” that everybody brags about. The facial wash is a cleanser that lightly foams when you massage water into it, providing a deep cleanse that also works to balance your skin and fights off blemishes, usually experienced during pregnancy.

The cleanser helps balance your skin with a combination of probiotics, moisturizing Omegas, Tea Tree extracts and gentle exfoliants to help fight blemishes caused by the imbalance of your hormones.

Admittedly, I am usually sold at just the mention of Tea Tree Oil extract, as I love how versatile Tea Tree oil is and understand how powerful it can be, especially for treating blemishes and skin problems. So, it really isn’t a surprise that I love this product as much as I do. However, I was surprised just how good it was at extracting stubborn blackheads and congestion that was deep within the skin.

I had recently gone for a skin consult, where the therapist kept noting how dehydrated my skin was, and that I had congestion around my t-zone and jawline. The Mama Mio Gorgeous Glow Facial Wash provided relief for both problems, as the cleanser isn’t harsh so didn’t leave my skin feeling tight and dehydrated. The combination of the ingredients and the nourishing formula made it easier for my congested pores to push everything to the surface, resulting in a temporary breakout which passed fairly quickly.

Mama Mio Boob Tube - By Megan KellyLastly, on my list of must-haves from the pregnancy experts, Mama Mio, is their Boob Tube and no, it isn’t a fashion piece. I remember in my first week of breastfeeding, I had someone suggest that I stick cabbage leaves in my bra to help soothe my aching boobs. This seemed so bizarre to me, and I opted for frequent hot showers to help ease the pain of my milk coming in. I breastfed my first son for 2 years, and I hope to do the same with Eli, but now that I know what to expect, I realize that the discomfort can be eased with a handy product from Mama Mio – their Boob Tube cream.

The Boob Tube Cream is packed with vital Omegas (which are naturally depleted during pregnancy) to help lock in hydration, strengthen and elasticise. But get this, it even contains red cabbage extract which serves as a source of Vitamin C and E, AND green cabbage extract! Mama Mio understands that moms have been swearing by the powers of cabbage leaves to decrease swelling and treat engorgement, so took it upon themselves to revolutionize the approach and design a convenient product that does it all, without awkward leafy-greens hanging from your boobs!

The result is a product that helps to soothe your growing boobs while providing hydration to accommodate the change in size, as your milk comes in. It is recommended that you apply from below your boobs and up toward your neck daily, throughout your pregnancy and for first 6 months as a new mom.

Have you heard of Mama Mio – which products are your favorite? Be sure to visit their website for more information, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For the latest news on their special offers, new products and more, sign up to their newsletter.

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