John Frieda Deeper Brunettes - By Megan Kelly

Deeper and Brighter Brunette with John Frieda

John Frieda Visibly Deeper - By Megan Kelly

I don’t know if it is just me, but pregnancy makes me all sorts of lazy. I haven’t really been wearing makeup all that much and I am keeping my beauty routine as simple as can be, but after going through some photos, I realized that I needed to simplify my hair maintenance because those roots were horrendous – yehp, I was going back to brunette, after years of retouching, dying and maintaining the red, I was ready to go back to being a natural born brunette.

Now, something that they fail to mention on the box of red hair dye, is just how tough it is to remove red from your hair. I started by covering my hair with brown, it looked good and then after a wash – the red would start appearing again. After 2 failed dying attempts (with Henna, because ya’ll know that box dye is a no-no during pregnancy) I figured that patchy red-brown was a new trend that I was creating. That was until Rubybox sent over John Frieda’s range designed for brunettes.

The range includes two variants: Visibly Deeper and Brighter Brunette. I opted for using the visibly deeper range as I have been wanting my hair color to be a deep chocolate brunette, that is closest to my natural color so that maintenance is kept to the minimum.  The John Frieda Visibly Deeper range boasts the ability give your hair a surge of deep, rich hues, in just five minutes, as it helps to create a darker, more lustrous brunette. The range can also be used on both natural or colour-treated hair, and for the use on highlights & lowlights.

To use the range, you simply massage a generous amount of the product evenly through the lengths of wet hair. Comb through and leave it for 5-10 minutes, before rinsing and styling as you would with any other shampoo and conditioner duo. The longer you leave the treatment, the deeper the color, so of course, to start with, I would leave it on for 10-15 minutes, because I am a rebel who is desperate for dark, chocolately hair.

The scent of the John Frieda range is phenomenal, and it’d be silly not to mention the rich, metallic color and texture of the product – it is literally like melted chocolate. By the third wash, I noticed a remarkable difference in my hair, the color is more vibrant and my hair is glossier than ever. I have since cut back on my “sitting” time to 5-10 minutes, or however long it takes me to shave, wash, and become more human-like.

Overall, I was more than impressed with the John Frieda Visibly Deeper range. It makes maintaining vibrant, glossy hair easier than ever and honestly, that’s all that this expecting mom could ask for from a haircare range. It isn’t complicated to use, there aren’t 100 products to be used in a set order, it’s just your usual shampoo and conditioner routine made to enhance the deeper hues of your natural or dyed hair.

Thank you Rubybox for the opportunity to try the John Frieda range. If you’d also like try and review new launches, be sure to sign up and fill in their surveys. It is completely free and you get to be a cool cat, trying products before anyone else!

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